When does a beagle reach its full size?

Two months ago, we became the happy owners of a female beagle pup. My cousin breeds beagles, Sam and Alex saw the latest litter over dinner at my cousin's house, and they didn't stop bugging me to get one until I finally relented -- with conditions. Well, one condition -- that if the cats give birth in the future, all … [Read More...]


The first day of the Christmas break

Ah, Christmas break. Even for an atheist like me that means something because everyone's home. For the next three weeks, we'll have time to relax, play, cook, eat together, watch movies and just chill out. And it has already begun. Sam and Alex put the cats in the tree as a joke. I don't know what started it or who … [Read More...]


Playing Uno this weekend. Disney Princess edition.

Last weekend, Sam wanted to play Monopoly Deal but between the laundry, the cooking, the dish washing and the grocery shopping, there was no time for even a single game. I said we could play this weekend instead and I promised that all the meals would be pre-prepared so that they will only require finishing and assembly. … [Read More...]


How to get the stink off your shoes

It's rainy season once again. In the metropolis and other low-lying areas, that means floods, flash-floods and stinky shoes. Some people avoid getting their shoes went by wearing rubber boots to and from work / school and switching only to their regular shoes once they are off the streets. But its not a solution for … [Read More...]


Addiction to cinnamon rolls may be a health hazard

From back when we were still regularly watching Good Eats, I remember an episode featuring cinnamon where Alton Brown explained the difference between "true cinnamon" (Cinnamomum verum) and most commercial cinnamon which come from the cassia tree (Cinnamomum cassia). I never paid much attention thinking it wasn't really … [Read More...]