We’re having pizza after eliminating malaria

We have a family tradition that a lot of people find strange: when someone is sick, he or she gets to choose any food (that the doctor does not disallow) and we say yes with no questions asked. It's based on the very simple theory that if the taste buds are tickled, the appetite is better and, instead of getting weaker from ... »


My daughters love balloons, Nemo and Olaf

The day we brought Penny home was a holiday. I can't recall exactly if it was Good Friday or Black Saturday but it was one of these two because we had such a difficult time finding a place to have lunch before proceeding to my cousin's house to pick up the puppy. Because Sam is vegetarian, it was twice as hard. Finding a ... »


How long can dogs be separated from their master and still remember them?

When Alex began her national tour (she's in Theater), one of her biggest worries was that Penny would forget her as a result of the separation. Penny had been with us for only a few weeks at the time and she was still getting familiar with her new home and new family. Most legs of the tour last for a week, others are as ... »


In this weather, it would be cruel to bathe a beagle twice a year

When Speedy gave Penny her bath yesterday afternoon, she was so well behaved that I grabbed my camera and started taking photos. A few weeks ago, that wouldn't have been possible as she thrashed around and splashed too much water everywhere. She's so used to having her bath by now and, if I am reading her body language ... »


Why our pup Penny picked blue over orange: a story about dog collars and vision

I wasn't exaggerating when I said that Speedy goes gaga over shopping for Penny. A few days ago, he came home with two new collars for her -- blue and orange -- and declared that he'll buy her more in every color. I've lost count of how many collars Penny has in addition to the body harnesses. And the dog leashes are, of ... »