Hydroponics gardening: harvesting lettuce


To get a better context of this post, read about the Lotus Pod Agritour. That one explains hydroponics and contains details about where to get the hydroponics kit. With that out of the way, I am so happy to announce that we harvested our first batch of organic ... (more)

Playing Uno this weekend. Disney Princess edition.


Last weekend, Sam wanted to play Monopoly Deal but between the laundry, the cooking, the dish washing and the grocery shopping, there was no time for even a single game. I said we could play this weekend instead and I promised that all the meals would be pre-prepared so that ... (more)

How to get the stink off your shoes


It's rainy season once again. In the metropolis and other low-lying areas, that means floods, flash-floods and stinky shoes. Some people avoid getting their shoes went by wearing rubber boots to and from work / school and switching only to their regular shoes once they are ... (more)

Addiction to cinnamon rolls may be a health hazard


From back when we were still regularly watching Good Eats, I remember an episode featuring cinnamon where Alton Brown explained the difference between "true cinnamon" (Cinnamomum verum) and most commercial cinnamon which come from the cassia tree (Cinnamomum cassia). I never ... (more)

In Asian culture, the koi symbolizes prosperity and good fortune


Before we had cats and dogs... in fact, before I had children, I had an aquarium. Like many first time aquarium owners, I started with gold fish. But they never lasted long despite my best efforts, and despite using only natural rocks and plants and no plastic or other ... (more)

A well-ventilated house and the folly of galvanized iron roofing


If Speedy were to design our next house, it would look something like the one in the photo above. Well, probably not as large because that is the bishop's palace next to the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City. We don't have access to parishioner's donations to live so ... (more)

How to replant lemongrass and citronella


About two years ago, in our desperation to find a natural and non-toxic way to get rid of mosquitoes, we got scammed by a woman who claimed that she was from U.P. Los Baños and that the plant she was selling was citronella. We were at The Vegetarian Kitchen waiting ... (more)

The Lotus Pod agritour: organic backyard farming 101


When I was asked if I was interested in joining the Lotus Pod agritour and learn organic backyard farming, I was hesitant. I'm not a proponent of organic food for two reasons: 1) organic food is expensive and 2) organic food is expensive. It's a great choice for those who ... (more)

It’s the last day of the Los Baños Flower & Garden Show


When we're on the road, I have this habit of reading signs -- road signs, signs at the back of vehicles, all kinds, really. So, yesterday, we were stuck in traffic in Calamba en route to U.P. Los Baños when I noticed a sign that said "Los Baños Flower & Garden Show" with the ... (more)

Our cat situation is nothing like a movie scene


http://instagram.com/p/mzgs5VDVf2/ We used to have one female cat, Pepper. She had kittens, year after year, the mortality rate of cats is high, most never lived to adulthood but a few survived. To date, the few consists of two males and two females all from different ... (more)