Hydroponics gardening: harvesting lettuce

To get a better context of this post, read about the Lotus Pod Agritour. That one explains hydroponics and contains details about where to get the hydroponics kit.With that out of the way, I am so happy to announce that we harvested our first batch of organic hydroponics-grown lettuce. I would have harvested the lettuce … (more)


Playing Uno this weekend. Disney Princess edition.

Last weekend, Sam wanted to play Monopoly Deal but between the laundry, the cooking, the dish washing and the grocery shopping, there was no time for even a single game. I said we could play this weekend instead and I promised that all the meals would be pre-prepared so that they will only require finishing and assembly. … (more)


How to get the stink off your shoes

It's rainy season once again. In the metropolis and other low-lying areas, that means floods, flash-floods and stinky shoes. Some people avoid getting their shoes went by wearing rubber boots to and from work / school and switching only to their regular shoes once they are off the streets. But its not a solution for … (more)

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