A plate, a bowl, a mug and a microwave oven

I think I’ve mentioned it before — standard house designs in the Philippines don’t include storage space. We have a number of cabinets above the closets in all bedrooms and that’s about it. So the trick really to avoid house clutter is to dispose of something (sell, give away) every time you buy something new. You know, like buy a new fridge and you have to find a buyer or a donee for the old one unless you can trade in the old for new.

I’m not a fan of microwave ovens. We had one for more than a decade then gave it away. But I bought a new one about two months ago after we ran out of LPG one day, couldn’t even cook rice and I had to order Chinese food delivery. Yes, we do have two spare tanks but, for some reason, the two empty ones were not replaced before the last one went empty. We normally have the LPG delivered but, most times, we have to wait for a couple of hours before the delivery guys arrive. LPG delivery is not like fast food delivery with a 30-minute guarantee or you don’t pay. That day we ran out of LPG, it was an hour before lunch and, well, the nearby Chinese restaurant delivers faster than the LPG guys. So, I bought a microwave oven thinking that if we ever run out of LPG again, at least we can reheat leftovers and cook rice.

casaveneracion.com microwave-oven

When Sam started college and moved to a condo, I bought a smaller microwave oven for her. After a month of staying in the condo, she decided she wanted to be with friends and there was this very nice dormtel (dormitory-hotel) in the area. Four girls to a room, four desks with reading lamps in each room, each room with its own bathroom, 24/7 centralized air-conditioning, bellhops, concierge… all for P7000 per person inclusive of electricity and water. So, Sam moved with two former classmates for her roommates. The downside is because this is a dormitory setup, there are no cooking facilities in the room. No fridge, no microwave oven.

So, her microwave oven ended up in the house and it stood on the kitchen island for weeks but I couldn’t keep it there indefinitely because I use that space for cooking and especially for kneading dough. Where is it now?

casaveneracion.com microwave-oven

On the corridor between Sam’s and Alex’s bedrooms, on top of the cabinets where we keep the linen. I’m still trying to find a way to fit it either in my study or in the family room so we can use it for making coffee or tea and reheating snacks.

And what else were transported home?

casaveneracion.com plate-bowl-mug

A plate, a bowl and a mug which aren’t too problematic because there’s space for them in the kitchen. I bought them by the piece, choosing patterns and colors that I’d thought Sam would like and not consider eeeewwww.