A very sassy floor lamp

casaveneracion.com A floor lamp with an unmistakable attitude

If, like me, you want every object in your house to be functional, then, you’re probably not in the market for knick-knacks. But, earlier today, I saw a floor lamp that changed my attitude about home decorating. An object can be both functional and highly decorative — like this piece. Yes, it is a floor lamp. The woman’s skirt is made of capiz and it houses a bulb. The body is a burnt gold color — I am not sure if it is brass or painted wood. I so love the hands-on-hips posture and the haughty angle of her head. So… sassy.

We were at Tiendesitas earlier but, no, we didn’t buy anything. Sam is shooting — this time, for her finals. We saw so many beautiful things and we kind of started making a mental list of things we would like to put in our new house — whenever that happens. We are still thinking of moving, not in any hurried sense but, rather, with the thought that if something that fits comes along, then, we just might be able to make that long-yearned for move. This floor lamp is among the items in that mental list.