About ionized alkaline water

This is not a horror story. This is not even a warning about ionized alkaline water. This is simply an account of my family’s experience with ionized alkaline water.

As a background, we drink bottled water at home. We buy 5-gallon bottles, three at a time, and use an electric water dispenser with hot and cold functions (left photo, below). For months, we have been buying our bottled water from Forta Aqua whose water undergoes a 17-stage purification process.

Late last week, I was so swamped with work that I failed to notice that we were on our last bottle of water. Finally, on Sunday, I called up Forta Aqua — no one answered. Speedy went out late in the afternoon and came home with a 5-gallon bottle of ionized alkaline water (right photo, below). He said he had been hearing about the health benefits of ionized alkaline water and figured we could give it a try.

water dispenserionized alkaline water

Sam complained that the water was “hindi masarap.” Now, Sam has very sensitive taste buds. She’s the kind of person who can tell exactly what kind of herbs went into a dish even if everything had been chopped so finely that they are unrecognizable. She can tell if there’s lemon in the dressing even if I only used a few drops. She’s like that. So, I didn’t pay much attention.

We drank the ionized alkaline water for three days. The girls bring drinking water in Coleman jugs to school so, on Monday and Tuesday, they were drinking the same water even while in school.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sam came home feeling weak. She had some salad then fell asleep on the sofa. Alex said her sister was tired because they went trekking to the creek a few kilometers from the school as part of a class activity. Sam missed dinner, got up around midnight, took a shower and ate a little but said everything was “walang lasa”. The following morning, she was still too weak to go to school.

On Wednesday afternoon, Alex came home from school complaining of stomach ache. She said she felt tired and fell asleep on a chair in the classroom. Now, Alex has a history of hyperacidity. She gets these stomach trouble every once in a while though not as bad as when she was younger when she had to be hospitalized every few months. When she mentioned stomach ache, the first thing I said was no milk, no coffee, no potato chips. Those were the most obvious culprits.

By Wednesday, we had switched back to the Forta Aqua bottled water. The delivery service of the ionized alkaline water supplier was bad with directions and apparently got lost going to our house. I didn’t have the patience to wait for them to get wiser. Sad thing was, even at that point, I didn’t really see any reason to give up the ionized alkaline water.

By Wednesday evening, I felt sick. I thought it was indigestion because I had this heavy feeling in the lower part of my abdomen. Or, maybe, I was going to get my period. But I felt so tired that I actually laid down on the bed after preparing dinner.

Speedy said it must be the weather. The days have been very warm while the nights have remained relatively cool. It’s like there was no real transition from the cool weather to summer. In fact, it felt like we were still savoring the wonderful cool Christmas season one day, then, the next day, it was summer all of a sudden.

The thing is, Speedy didn’t feel sick. Whether or not it’s relevant, I must note that he’s out most days and only got to drink the ionized alkaline water on the evenings of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

So, is the ionized alkaline water the culprit? I don’t know for sure. But it isn’t wise to take chances. Ionized alkaline water may make some people feel healthy; I only know we got sick following the consumption of a 5-gallon bottle of ionized alkaline water.


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    i didn't find anything that would cause your fatigue and stomach upset, but below is a link about ionized alkaline water. you can skip the chemical stuff if you want, but this is the one link i found that is not selling water or the equipment…..hope you guys are feeling much better.

    • lanni says

      I am drinking alkalized water but its made of powder and you have to mix it on purified water. There are testimonies on the label that you will feel dizzy and have muscle pain, when that happens it means that the alkaline is working and its trying to cure something inside ur body that’s why u feel this reactions.

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    hi sassy… malamang nga di maka-adjust ang tummy nyo dun sa water. I remember back in the late 90′s nung lumabas yung “distilled” water may particular brand na di ko talaga maatim na inumin, it’s like drinking radiator water, nasusunog lalamunan ko. Nasa dulo ng dila ko ang brand, green yung plastic label nya (Absolut yata). Whe n I came back a few years ago, yun ang binili ni hubby while we’re out & i wanted to refuse kaya lang uhaw na uhaw na ko, iba na ang lasa. So they must have changed the processing dahil the label still said distilled.

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    Sam, “macho” o sobrang tapang ng tyan? hehehehe

    auee, yes the one with the green label is absolut. Another brand na hindi ko ma-take ang lasa is Viva.

  4. brenda says

    hi con,

    you know dito din sa office, we got that same brand of ionized alkaline water when we transferred to our new building. The first time I’ve tasted it, I did’nt like it. Before, I have managed a water refilling station for more than 2 years and I shld say i’m very knowledgeable about the water process plus the fact that I could tell if it went thru a 9 or 18 stages process. This alkaline water tasted something that is very hard to explained. So, in the office we got about 35 hot & cold water dispensers and we consume maybe an estimate of 80pcs of 5-gal water per day. Now, in a call center you always drink water because your throat tends to go dry because of constant talking and since we got this alkaline water, everybody started complaining about the taste. At first I thought because its not cold, because I dont drink very cold water while in the office coz it might hurt my throat, but even if its very cold, it tasted the same–awful! So, we complained about it and eventually management changed it back to a purified water instead. Although I’m not really sure if somebody felt the same way you were and your kids, but for me, I eventually avoid drinking that alkaline water and bought my own water instead.

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    I’ve never been caught up with the choice of water one should drink because by going on the assumption that you have to drink only a particular kind or label, then it follows that you would have to bring this stuff with you wherever you go. I like telling my own stomach and the rest of my system to ‘deal with it’, hahaha! It’s a psychological suggestion I send to my body that as long as you’re not outright drinking or eating poison, any kind of clean water should be okay to drink. It’s ridiculous to think that given the amazing way the body adjusts to all that it takes in and including the food and yes, the air — that it can only deal with one type of water, right? ;-)

  6. erleen says

    Hi! I always visit your site and admire you for the energy you always seem to have =)

    Speaking of water, there is this one brand that tastes like sabaw ng buko. I do not know if it is a good thing but hindi ko tlga kaya mainom ng matagalan.

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    better stick with mineral or distilled/purified water

    ionized alkaline water may have altered your stomachs chemical makup resulting to reactions

    glad you’re ok

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    Ionized alkaline water.. first time to hear this. Isn’t alkali dangerous when too much?

    I too sometimes worry about our drinking water, to the point that I refuse to have them delivered. We pick them up and I see to it that I watch as the assists refill our gallons in the station. The reason I don’t like them delivered is, I am not sure how long the water has been stored in those containers. And also, I don’t like the idea that the containers were previously used by some other households, or worse – (forgive my morbid imagination) – in funeral parlors. OMG!

  9. franco says

    We had a well dug up in our backyard and that solved our dependency from the public water system. Not to mention that if they dig deep enough the water is much safer to drink specially if you are located in a higher elevation like Antipolo.

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    Sassy, when my kid sister family were still living in Cainta, I sent them a ten- gallon a day “reverse osmosis filtration system” (hyper filtration) made by G.E. and all it did was filter all the the impurities and lead and other harmful chemical and eliminates the sometimes smelly taste of deep well supplied water and they used continuously for years for their cooking and drinking and the kids got used to it and now they are just using a Brita one stage filtration in a pitcher for their tap water, but that is Northern California water and that’s all it needs. The only drawback for the hyper filtration system the filters are very expensive and considering the state of the source in manila water a frequent replacement is necessary to maintain safety..

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    The usual drinking water we buy (like you) is purified water which goes through heat process. Now I don’t know if the ionized water goes through heat process. If it doesn’t , most likely there are some amount of coliforms as is common in tap water. Distilled water or purified water that passes through heat have very little coliforms. It is possible that you were not used to the water . There was a study before that not all bottled water are free of coliforms (E Coli) .

  12. bayi says

    I have taken ionized water and I liked it although there wasn’t any visible benefit from its consumption. But the water I took wasn’t alkaline.

    I don’t see any connection between you and your children’s fatigue and the water, apart from the possibility that your systems are accustomed to the other kind of drinking water.

    Anyway, the best thing to do is to stick to what your body agrees with. One man’s meat may be another man’s poison. Hope you are better now that you have resumed drinking the water you normally consume.

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    i read that “Ionized water” is nothing more than sales fiction and that the term is meaningless to chemists. my guess is that your systems were so used to the former brand such that the sudden change affected your system. 5 gallons for a family of 4 is kinda significant amount. i hope everyone is ok now.

    btw, sometime in october, i met with some officials of manila water. they swear that the water running through our pipes is potable. in fact, they plan to compete with the water dealers by bottling water and carrying their own brand. what make it risky to drink the water are the pipes through which the water passes, (manila water pipes included, and the pipes in our households, esp the old ones)

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    you’re system might not have reacted well with the high amount of mineral salts in the water. .. it’s my first time to hear ionized alkaline water to be sold as a drinking water, why not.. it’s simply mineral water to me.. with more salts probably?

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    You should produce your OWN ionized alkaline water from tap water using a Water Ionizer. These units can be bought from shops and websites. This way you know that the alkaline water is fresh.

    Bottled water is not a good thing because some of the carcinogenic substances in the plastic do get into the water. Also, the tons of plastic bottles cause environmental pollution.

    On this website (edited by me) there is comprehensive information about alkaline water, including History, video clips, medical case studies, clinical studies, and more.

    I also have a detailed 7 part response to the ‘snake oil’ site that inna pointed to:

    Please read and judge for yourself.

  16. pinaygourmand says

    Just a reaction from several comments here, alkaline water is the safest next is distilled water. I had a year study about this back in college and it is a fact medical diet/fastings require drinking up alkaline water. It is actually advised that hyperacidics take alkaline water, and it is prescribe to dengue patients locally.

    The only reason I could assume why your daughter could have felt ill is that there must be a mistake when the water was packed/bottled. A water ionizer actually splits the water from the faucet to an alkaline water and acid water. Maybe, just maybe!… the one who bottled it could have mistakenly got the water from the wrong end?

    Or another possibility is the body is reacting to an alkaline water’s ability to detox. Since your daughter is hyperacidic, alkaline water will actively swipe out the extra acids from her body and as it is on a process of washing out, she could possibly feel ill but after the flush it will be beneficial and no more discomforts. Naku so it must be the other way around eh, your husband must be “cleaner” than all of you. hehehe

    True it has a different taste but if you ever consider adopting alkaline water, I should say don’t purchase bottled ones. Purchase a good quality water ionizer na lang. I have been using alkaline water at home, sanay na.

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    given only the consumption of a single jug of water ,
    to weigh in , for any report to health agencies, if any, for
    ‘ionized water fatigue syndrome’,
    bare a gap, or few, between public safety and action.

    a gap assured to be swiftly closed, by our matinee idol studded public servants assuming offices next year.

  18. Mike says

    Alkaline water is known for being healthy because it flushes the acid from your body. However, like most detoxifying agents you should start slowly. Most likely you were drinking high alkaline water, whereas new drinkers should typically start with low alkaline levels and work up to the higher. If your body is hit with too much alkaline too fast, then it has no way of adequately displacing and removing all the acid. This explains your illnesses, especially the stomach ache.

    Hope this was helpful,

  19. Geoffrey Dee says

    Re: Best healthiest drinking water – from all the above I read and all the research I have made, I conclude that the healthiest water is still ALKALINE IONIZED WATER whether some claims are true or not if you weight them one by one, still more advantage and benefit are said about Alkaline so why take the risk of having cancer from a bottled water.. All you need is an Alkaline ionizer water purifier with 4 stage of filtration with carbon filter this is more than enough for a safe drinkable water.. see brief info other the other types of purified water.

    >> Bottled water if stored for more than 8 hours can be carcinogenic due to the leaching of the plastic.
    >> Distilled and osmotic water or so called “Mineral water” have been purified to the point that they are lifeless. Lacking minerals, electrons and oxygen, this equals dead water. Freshly distilled water rapidly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and reaches an acidic pH of 5.5 in a very short time. Acidic water is not a healthy choice for drinking water.

    >> Alkaline ionized water has more benefit vs others..

    Vegetable & Fruits are more Alkaline base so this is very good anti-oxidant for Cancer patients.

    Hydrate the body three to six times more effectively than conventional water

    Allow you to absorb nutrients more effectively

    Promote overall health and healing, prevents diseases. Our body is more acidic we are, the greater the chances for diseases such as cancer and arthritis to flourish. People who are always sick have very low body pH, the sicker they are, the lower their body pH level.

    And many many more benefits was said about Alkaline ionized water vs others..

    Thanks Geoffrey

  20. Karl says

    Hi Connie,

    I’m really very sorry with the experience your family had with Ionized Alkaline Water. I for one have been using this kind of water for many years now. In fact ever since my wife got pregnant with our first child we have been drinking this kind of water. Our 3 kids eldest is 10 years old have been drinking this kind of water since they were infants and we never experienced the bad episode your family had. So I made this comment to share some researches I had made regarding Ionized alkaline water.

    Ionized Alkaline Water has been very popular in Japan and Korea for many years now in fact in Japan most of the hospitals have their own alkaline system. That is why most of the clinical studies were done there
    - http://glowing-health.com/health-articles/ionized-water-clinical-studies/clinical-reports-ionized-alkaline-water.html
    - http://glowing-health.com/health-articles/ionized-water-clinical-studies/medical-case-studies-alkaline-water.html

    Now with regards to the link that INNA posted “http://www.chem1.com/CQ/ionbunk.html” here is a link that will answer the allegations found there http://glowing-health.com/your-questions/science-and-myths/is-alkaline-water-snake-oil-part1-summary.html

    Lastly whenever an alternative medicine or a new remedy is found and shows great potential, suddenly websites pop out of nowhere and try to smear its credibility and tells you that it’s a fake or a scam like quackbuster.com. It’s because websites like this are funded by large Pharmaceutical companies that would like you to buy and use drugs, only drugs and more drugs. Investigators have found that many web sites that attack natural remedies as ‘Quacks’ are actually funded by drug companies. This is a link to a court case ruling involving Dr Stephen Barret, the Quackwatch.com founder.

    I believe that as long as I am paying for the water that my family is drinking, then I might as well pay for water that gives my family health benefits.


  21. says

    Thanks for the links, Karl.

    Re “Pharmaceutical companies that would like you to buy and use drugs, only drugs and more drugs”

    Oh I so agree with you. And that includes the makers of formula milk.

  22. says

    Hello.The bottom line with ionized alkaline water is that it will NOT do anyone much good if you are keeping it stored in plastic containers.The plastic will leach out into the water over time and defeat the purpose of the water we want.Reverse Osmosis water is dead and lifeless.Bottled water is worse than tap water in that it holds a PH of 2.5 (Poland Spring) because of the plastic and long shelf life.Tap water is neutral at 7.0 but the bad news is that it is treated with chlorine and other chemicals to get it up to a neutral PH.We all need a water ionizer that hooks directly up to our sink and plugs into the wall.This will generate the best and most effective results because the water is “ALIVE” when it comes right out of your unit.Please go to http://www.kangenislife.com and look at the website closely.Watch the videos.especially “colon therapy”.Dr Hiromi Shinya,creator of the colonoscopy (he has performed over 300,000) is an advocate of Enagic.I have not met one person that used our device and not benefitted from it in one way or another.And we receive daily tedtimonials.Enagic DOES NOT cure or heal anything.It is just allowing the body to get back to an alkaline state,there by allowing the body to heal itself.And it works.I myself only moved my bowels once every other day before I found Enagic.After just one week on the water, I go at least three times a day and have never felt better.I have been a proud owner of Enagic now for 6 months plus.I would not trade it for the world.You be the judge.You have nothing to lose and great health to gain.Peace and good health to all.God Bless !

    • says

      My husband and I use bottled alkaline water and have found a great difference in our health. I have used the Kangan machine which is very expensive and found the same results.

  23. Wil says

    Karl above mentioned that whenever a new remedy was found which showed great potential, websites refuting it would be popping out from nowhere.

    Well, I made a Google search for “ionized water” and “health” and found more than 600,000 listings. ALMOST ALL of the sites on that list were selling some kind of water ionizing device and, of course, were in favor of ionized water. I was not able to go through all the sites but after well over a hundred sites, I came across only 2 sites that were against.

    Unless there are any published test results in a reputable scientific journal confirming the efficacy of drinking ionized water, I think (at $2,000 – $3,000 per ionizing device) this is all a monumental waste of our hard earned money. I wouldn’t touch it even if it were offered to me at $50.

  24. says


    I have read your entire story.I cannot say what it was that made you and your family feel ill.However,I can say this.I am in the alkaline water business.And it is sad to think that there are people in our community that will sell you “alkaline water” in a plastic bottle! You see,that (the plastic) is what you do NOT want to use to hold your water as the plastic,over time,has a tendency to leach into the water.This will create a very low PH in your water.Not to mention the fact that if you have done your research,you should know that you want a very high negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction potential) in your water.And that ORP value will leave your water source within 24 hours if not consumed.Therefore,ridding you of the benefit of ionized,alkaline water.

    Our Enagic water unit hooks up directly to your sink.Creating the exact kind of water you are looking for at the touch of a button and is not housed in plastic.That is the key to fresh,on-demand water that is not only great for you but tastes great.

    I hope this helped.You may contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

    All the best,
    Alexander Lodi

  25. Jack says

    Hi – Just a quick new addition and a couple reiterations of previous observations.

    a) alkali water should not be stored in plastic – glass or cermaic only because of leeching

    b) you should start slowly – drink less water or water of lower ph – too much high ph water too suddenly will shock you system

    c) i had digestive trouble when i 1st started drinking alkali water – but it was almost always when i drank the water with or near a meal. if you think about it – your stomache needs/produces acids to digest your food – by drinking alaki water with the meal you are neutralizing the stomache acid – causing problems.

    Hope this helps ..


  26. Malou says

    Hi, i have read your story, experienced after drinking the alkaline water. Well, your family is not really sick, but the water is cleansing your body. Continue drinking until all toxins remove from your body.

  27. says

    As an owner of a water treatment company lay your fears to rest about Ionized alkaline water. As with any information source one should research thoroughly what they are saying. Unless the new bottled water actually had a large content of minerals there isn’t any way of raising the Ph value of water.
    I would say the company that bottled that water wasn’t bottling in a “clean room” which led to some type of contaminant to be allowed to get in the bottle or was already existing on the equipment used for bottling. Either way I wouldn’t purchase any more water from this vendor. I also would purchase water in glass bottles unless you can be sure that the last stage of the bottling process is ozination. Ozination should also occur in the rinsing phase of the bottling as well, not to mention UV lighting of the capping and filling process.

  28. Jomar S. Mendoza says

    We have a water ionizer unit that separates acid and alkaline water from tap water. Unlike some water stations, our unit uses titanium platinum plate for this process. If you need more info., feel free to drop me an email or call/text me at 09273423638.

    Jomar S. Mendoza
    Sr. Health Consultant
    Health Care Enterprise

  29. kitkat says

    i’ve just read your comments about alkaline water for me we’ve been using it since my husband is doing the machine by himself we’re the one who is testing it as a living testimonial about the machine i would just say that we’ve been using the usual distilled water and it makes us acidic whenever we drink it but with alkaline it gives us energetic day. the reaction of the alkaline water is that at first when you drink it it will detoxify your body by then you will experience burp if you are acidic and by then you will feel asleep also as the water sweep the toxins and removes free radicals in your body the alkaline water prevents many sicknesses as well. see http://www.waterworks4u.com by the way the technology itself is from japan and korea . If you want to test how acidic the water that you are drinking you can test it by ph tester you can purchase the ph tester in pet shops choose the brand name sera and test it i’m sure you’ll be amazed how acidic your water is. For more information about the machine you can call us at 4460886 or 09163017263 look for cris.

  30. kitkat says

    by the way alkaline water is somewhat taste like what we call bucal in tagalog by the way alkaline water is good for diabetic and for those who want to loose some weight i recommend alkaline water for you to drink.


  31. baron says

    as i’ve read alkaline water have studies in japan and korea and they proved to be a one of the altenative medicine to be considered kasi if you’re not eating alkaline fruits and vegetables uminom ka nalang ng alkaline water diba.

  32. kitkat says

    about my article last april 30 it makes our acid in the stomach neutralizes whenever we drink alkaline water

  33. pjr says

    I thoughtthat it might of been the creek water or the salad you all ate.
    Or some leaching went on with the plastics from the colmen bottles you used from the alkalin water.

  34. Cher says

    Hi Connie,
    It is unfortunate that your family had bad experience with drinking alkaline water. I don’t know if this will help or change your perception on alkaline water. Alkaline water should be drank fresh from the machine, if not drank within 24 hours, it just becomes regular purified water. Secondly, if this is your first time to drink alkaline water, you should atart at a lower level of alkalinity then gradually increase the level as you get used to it. We have to give our stomach/body time to adjust in drinking alkaline water. It is recommended that you install a machine in your own home. Maybe what you bought has high level of alkaline in which your body is not yet ready for it. If you buy a unit and use that as your daily drinking water, you will save in the long run bec don’t have to buy those 5 gallon water anymore and panic if you forgot to reorder. The machine is not that expensive when you think of the benefits and savings you will have. I hope this helps

  35. says

    The safest and least expensive water you can use for drinking and cooking is a filtered water right from your kitchen faucet. Just make sure you buy one of good quality that’s guarranted to give you thousands of gallons or years of usage, one that reduces levels of chlorine, lead and other contaminants by more than 90%.

  36. says

    After reading many responses, drinking alkaline water for 10 years, and being in the alkaline water business for over 10 years, I can tell there are many misconceptions, opinions, and concerns about alkalinity, acidity, pH and what is really healthy or not when it comes to alkaline water consumption. I have read all of them and there are answers which people will chose to either believe or not.

    Here is my two cents, ionized alkaline water in a plastic bottle will not leach the plastic, why? It’s alkaline not acidic and yes, keeping it out of the sun will reduce the leaching. People who are acidic will detoxify and my have discomfort, tiredness, and possibly a headache if they consume too much water too fast initially for the first couple of weeks.

    My kids have been drinking alkaline water since they have been old enough to drink water and are very healthy kids and can’t stand RO water, distilled, or even filtered tap. They can taste the difference, and it isn’t me brainwashing them. Do you know all alkaline water has in it are trace minerals that are already in the water you drink? Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. One of 4 things the ionizer machine does is removes the harmful minerals, chlorine, flouride, and kills the bacteria.

    Don’t you think the clinical studies and usage in Japanese hospitals, vegetable fields, milk farms, golf courses and homes plus a certified medical instrument in Japan says anything about it’s validity? The Japanese are some of the healthiest people on the planet and the US is getting sicker and sicker. I don’t know about you, but physiologically, we are 75-85% water and by the time a person dies, they are 45-55% water.

    Go to Amazon and get these books, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” and “Alkalize or Die”, it may change your mind about water, alkalinity and health.

  37. says

    A friend of mine is trying to sell me the alkaline water machine for the home. It’s very expensive and I don’t know if the benefits are real. After reading all the comments here and reading the links posted, I’m more confused than ever.

  38. Manny says

    Basta ako naniniwala ako mabisa ang alkaline water sa katawan namin. Kasi lola ko 84 na… wala na raw masyadong aray ang rayuma nya. Nakakaakyat na nga naman sya sa 2nd floor para sa kawarto na matulog at di tulad ng dati sa sala sya, kasi nahihirapan nga sya paakyat ng hagdan.

  39. Conn says

    Hi everyone,
    i ask around: Alkaline water is still not recognized by our department of health.
    Also take into consideration that although we can read about alkaline water and the technology behind it we have no way of proving that the machines use to produce this water sold locally really works.
    In short we don’t know if they are the real thing.

  40. says

    If you are not used to alkaline water and drink some with a very high pH, you could notice some flu-like symptoms. This may not feel good, but it is important to realize that the water is not “bad.” It is flushing out toxins that have built up in your system. This is a good thing, really. You can read more about these symptoms on this Q & A page about alkaline water. If you keep drinking the water, the symptoms will go away. The best thing is to start out slowly, with a lower pH. The ionizers on that website have different settings for four different levels of pH. That way you can start out low and slow, and work your way up.

  41. says

    I was just looking at Dr. Howard Peiper’s book, Create a Miracle with Hexagonal Water. On page 50 he describes the symptoms I outlined above as a “healing crisis”:

    “A healing crisis is when the body’s natural defense systems are waging war on the illness itself and is trying to purge the illness from the body. People whose systems are quite toxic may go through a healing crises. During this time, symptoms may worsen. However, this healing crises will normally only last a few short days, and when over the body heals very rapidly. Improvements in health will be extremely noticeable. The healing crisis can be uncomfortable but once it has passed people have been astounded at how well they begin to feel. In all cases drinking hexagonal water has produced results that have been observed in a time period ranging from a few days to as many as 12 weeks, normally averaging four to six weeks.”

  42. says

    To make water more alkaline, simple add bicarbonate, an inexpensive chemical readily available from the chemical store or druggist.
    Pure distilled Water (not altered with a vinegar added as in the demo) should give a reading of 7.0
    Tap water with chlorination gives a reading of 6.5. To remove chlorine, boil it off.

    But the best thing is avoid ingesting acidic foods like sinigang or vinegar.

    Too much alkaline water, is also found in hard water. Over time, accumulatively causes kidney stones!

  43. says

    It sounds like your family had high levels of acidity in their bodies due to a poor diet. (Just guessing) I’ve been drinking alkaline water for about six months now and experience some similar effects your family did. I called the company i bought my unit from and asked why i felt like this. They explained that it is typical to experience some discomfort due to the fact my body was detoxifying. Strangely enough, after just one week of drinking the water, i feel better with no side effects and experienced a bit of weight loss. I personally feel that there are some health benefits when drinking alkaline water.

  44. mariane d says

    i do aggree that what youve experience is the detoxifying effects of the water.

    i myself had experienced the same thing, proving my love for vinegar is what caused me for the effects.

    alkaline water has a lot of benefits.research have proven about its health benefits. Regular intake of alkaline water or alkaline ionized water, according to researchers, can reduce the need for insulin by some 50 percent. For many patients, the concept of alkaline water in treatment for health concerns is still new and therefore not widely promoted. Yet, alkaline water as additional treatment or alternative treatment may be something you discuss in detail with your doctor.
    I even bought a powder to be dissolve in water just to try it for my mom who is a diabetic and my kid who has allergies.

    ill ley you guys know the results .

  45. Mayette says


    I was exposed to the idea of alkalinity when my sister from the US gave me a book titled PH MIRACLE by Dr. Robert Young, a renowned microbiologist and nutritionist. He is also the author of ‘Alkalize or Die’. I read about what balancing alkalinity and acidity can do to our body. To give you a gist of the book, he states that our blood should be slightly alkaline in order to be healthy. Of course it is not only the water that should be alkaline but he says we should eat alkaline rich foods like fresh green vegetables and fruits. ANd there is wisdom to that when our mothers and grandmothers used to say ALWAYS, to eat more veggies and fruits.

    My family and I for almost 2 years are drinkers of purified, mineralized, hexagonal structure, magnetized ALKALINE water. And thanks to this wonderful product because my hyperacidity was gone and gives us more energy than ever. We have this bio mineral pot which converts tap or deep well water into that kind of water. The first contact of water is the cotton sediment filter or white pads which removes suspended particles as small as 0.3 microns.So, Ecoli and amoebaisis which is 0.5 microns can no longer get in. To give you an idea of what a micron is, the strands of our hair is about 40 microns.
    It has 2 more filters that removes chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals of water. It has special mineral stones which release several mineral elements like selenium. It has also granulated activated carbon to further eliminate toxic chemicals. It has coral sand which generates 20 kinds of minerals and reduces harmful chemicals. It has bio ceramic which produces small cluster molecules, an alkalite diskette which improves the freshness and taste of water. It has a multi-electric pole magnet which supplies energy and magnetizes water to form healthy water molecules of hexagonal structures.

    My suggestion is before we give judgment to a certain idea, maybe it is good to research first on what really is alkaline, what does magnetized water do, what is hexagonal water etc. Pls. be informed that ALKALINE WATER has been on this earth for billions of years even before animals populated the earth. Alkaline water is pure, crystalline spring water (or ‘tubig bukal’ in our dialect)that comes from the mountains, touches the alkaline rich stones along the way. Not until they pass along a system or pipes before it reaches our homes that pesticides, fertilizers, cyanides, asbestos and other chemicals leach into the water and make it unfit for drinking. And to kill off the bacteria that got along the way our government add chlorine, phosphates etc. Chlorine is a suspected carcinogen and its because it is the cheapest way of killing of bacteria.

    I have shared this product to many of my friends and relatives and have improved their health and their budget.I even let my son who is in Doha bring one unit for his personal use because his stomach grumbles after drinking water from there. My sister in the US can’t wait for her unit to be brought there.

    If you want to know more about this bio mineral pot, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Sorry for the long comment. I have a lot of articles concerning health and particularly on acid and alkaline. I can share for those who want. Cheers!

  46. says

    Mayette didn’t elaborate much on her short comment, about the six pole or multi-electric magnet that’s a part of her Bio Mineral Pot.

    Let’s have a look about Magnetic Fields and Water

    Magnetic water remains a little known treatment in the field of magnetic therapy plus there is always much speculation as to the validity of magnetizing water. Despite this skepticism, magnetic water remains one of magnet therapies most powerful treatments. Many scientists and doctors profess that it is impossible to magnetize water, that water quite simply can not hold a magnetic charge. Our answer to these people is… “do a little more scientific research and you will find that all water in it’s natural state (such as a spring) has a magnetic charge”.
    In order to fully understand how magnetized water works, it is important to know a little bit about the water that comes out of your tap. The original source of water is mountain streams, which flow into rivers and eventually out to sea. The water has had contact with both over ground and under ground during the passage to the sea. As the water passes under ground (many rivers and streams pass under ground) it comes into contact with the earth’s magnetic field, the magnetic charge is passed into the water and it becomes magnetized. Similarly, as the water flows over ground it comes into contact with magnetic rock (lodestone) and water is again magnetized.

    Once water is collected for consumption, it has to be treated and purified. During transportation to the treatment plant the water is carried in under ground metal pipes. The water is de-magnetized by the presence of the metallic lining of the pipes and when it is purified and comes out of the tap it is no longer magnetized. If you drink water from a spring at its source it will be magnetized. The benefits of spring water have long been recognized, how ever once the water is bottled and removed from the source it will only keep it’s magnetism for 3 days before it dissipates. It is not possible to permanently magnetize water.

    A water molecule.
    How Magnetic Fields Affect Water?
    At first site, water seems to be a very simple molecule, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom. Indeed, there are very few molecules that are smaller or lighter.

    Once a water molecule has been exposed to a magnetic field the molecule changes in several ways:
    1. The molecule increases in size. This increases the water solubility and permeability (the ability to disperse and penetrate other substances). The increase in permeability assists in the dissolution of nutritional substances, and improves the body’s absorption of water as well as the nutritional substances. Also, when the size of the water molecule is increased its ability to absorb toxins is much greater.

    2. The surface tension and density of the water is increased. The increased surface tension, permeability, and density all combine to improve the intake of nutrition in the body’s cell structure. Increased surface tension allows the cell membrane of the food to expand rapidly. This is beneficial to digestion. The increase in density also aids in the absorption of nutrition.

    3. The ions in the water are affected. This has the effect of reducing free radicals contained within the water (free radicals are harmful substances found in the body). A further benefit of the alteration to the ion states of both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is this: the structure of these compounds (which are the cause of the scale build up in water pipes, kettles, taps, etc) changes, resulting in a much decreased build up of scale due to the looser nature of the ions. This decrease in scale build up has resulted in extensive use of magnetized water in central heating systems, water cooling systems in engines, recycling water systems, and house water systems.

  47. Tinkerbell says

    The transition from purified water to ionized water must have caused it. When my family switched to mineralized-ionized-oxygenated alkaline water too, my 2y/o son had diarrhea. But eventually, his body was able to adapt. It’s just like adapting to the ever changing weather we have now. Or maybe the climate/weather must have caused it too. For us kasi, it helped with my daughters ecZema and mine. And my hubbys high blood. I researched and was aware of the benefits of alkaline water that’s why I did not stop using it even my son had diarrhea. I know that he was just adjusting. And now, we own a water station. I am not just saying this because I have a water station and you might say that I am biased. I do not only have alkaline water to sell cox I have oneof those who have a 3 in
    1system that sells mineral, purified and alkaline water too. May I suggest you use mineral water instead? Coz purified water doesn’t do any good to our body. It a dead water if I may say. When the water goes under reverse osmosis, 99% if not all of the waters natural minerals are elimated. Therefore, doing your body no good. Purified water is best for babies/infant formula as they may be over mineralized if you use mineral or alkaline water with their milk since their milk already has a lot of minerals. Though, mineral water doesn’t taste as good as purified water. My hubby has very sensitive tastebuds too and he prefers drinking purified water. But when he learned what alkaline water can do for his health, he switched too and brings a 5gal alkaline water with hmmm at the office every saturday. But our alkaline tastes good, my husbands says so. Maybe the one whom you ordered your alkaline water with has one of those machines that do not have as much filters (1micron 10″, cto filter, bio filter, ceramic filter) as I do. I have encountered such when I was still shopping for a supplier of my machine for the water station and he boasts of not having so many additional filters for the processing of alkaline water therefore giving me more profit. I decided against it since I know I will be using it for my family too and I don’t want to be frugal or just profit oriented and sacrificing the “quality” of the water, not just for the benifit of my customers but most specially, I was thinking of my family. I will not say the name of my water station since ( again) it may sound bias. Just ask your alkaline water supplier what “extra” filters do they have for the processing of their alkaline water. And if they mention the same things I mentioned above, chances are, we have the same machine. And ask too how often do they change their filters. I hope I was able to help you with this. Thank you!

  48. Julie says

    I never respond on these things, but I just have to this time. With alkaline water, there is in fact a transition period people have to go through when they start drinking it. The absorption and hydration into your cells is so much more rapid than with other types of water that a detoxifying period takes place. This water is used to heal people. If your body is very acidic, low energy, headaches, diarrhea, fatigue, etc. are very common during the first week or two of drinking the water. The water literally pushes out all of the bad stuff from your system and is working very hard to do so. Once the cleanse is complete, the water begins and continues to give you an unbelievable amount of energy and it makes you feel amazing. There are very detailed reports on how you will feel worse before you feel better, and I don’t have time to really get into it, but don’t give up on alkaline water. It may be the best thing that you can do for your family. One thing to know is that alkaline water comes in different strengths, and if you are just starting out, you want to use the beginning strength and work your way up to the stronger varieties. Also, not all brands of alkaline water are equal, so make sure you know where your water is coming from. I too have my own machine. If you’d like more information of where you can get a machine for yourself and family, please let me know. Be well.

  49. says

    I’ve been researching about alkaline water lately. Maybe it’s because you guys (or your kids, at least. No offense) have a healthy lifestyle. The alkaline water reduced your body’s acidity, which then hypothetically induced lethargy.

  50. chiu says

    I also did some research on the health benefit of alkalizing food. It is not just water that matters. It is our whole diet. The claim is that our body is slightly more alkaline (pH level of 7.30) than pH neutral.If we have an acidic body, we tend to fall ill. Food that are alkalizing are leafy greens and most fruits. It is not the pH level of the food that matters, but what they become after being digested. Of all the articles I read, this is most informative: http://www.actualcures.com/ph-chart-of-food-and-mineral-supplements/ Thus, if the food after digestion leaves potassium, sodium, calcium in the body, then it is alkalizing. This means that, to get more alkaline, we only need to add these elements to our diet. Use rock/sea salt instead of table salt, take mineral supplements, and food rich in these elements. Even baking soda is very alkalizing. Also, make sure our digestive system is healthy, else the alkalizing food will not be very effective. This is where yogurt and yeast come in. Fermented food is also alkalizing. If these deductions are correct, which I believe to be, then there is no need for expensive water system. Knowledge is not only power, but money.

    • says


      The thing all of you (I did NOT read all of these so give me some leverage) are missing is not so much alkalinity and PH…but ORP which I have not seen mentioned in the few I’ve read.ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is what makes certain $4000 water generators…yes four thousand dollars…create not only a body that is of a good PH, but a body that is fed very very very low doses of oxygen not already in the body.My water generator serves a negative 360 (rough estimate) ORP while tap water or even worse…bottled water because it is saturated with BPA’s from the plastic which leaches into the water is in the high positives and full of oxygen.Oxygen = aging.Period.

      If you have access to alkaline water do this experiment:
      Take two glass jars of the exact same volume and fill one with bottled water (any brand will do) and take the other jar and fill it with alkaline ionized water if you have access.Then put a brand new paper clip in each jar of water and watch what happens.As I write this Email, I have this experiment going on in my pantry that I started JULY 1ST 2010 and the jar with the bottled water started to rust within 24 hours.The one with the alkaline water…to date 9/29/10…has not one drop of rust on it due to lack of oxygen in the water which equals slow ,anti-aging in the body.

      I could write a book here, ladies and gentleman but I think you get the point.At least I hope so.And by-the-way…yes,I DO own an ionized alkaline water unit…a $4000 alkalized ionized water unit… and have never been healthier thank the good Lord.The BEST investment on a material item in my life.


  51. chiu says

    also, do not get too zealous about turning alkaline. There can be harmful effects if we get too much alkaline, as explained in that article.

  52. says

    About water ionizer, is a big joke, they said they ionize the municipal water to make it alkaline the truth is the tap water or municipal water is already alkaline for it is in contact with the soil, minerals came from the soil plants and animals needs minerals but the tap water still have chemicals on it, I recommend try alkaline spring water for is made by nature. VOLCANIC SPRING WATER visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/VOLCANIC-SPRING-WATER/131638001917

  53. says

    The ROOT WORD here is all about NEGATIVE ION. this is the reason why the (ERW – ELectrolyzed Reduced Water) or the often misnamed “Alkaline Ionized Water” is beneficial to health. This is also the science behind the now effective and popular innovations like the so called EMC – Energized Mineral Concentrate drops, Power Balance Bracelets, Quantum Pendants and Drinking Flasks, Winalite “Love Moon Anion Napkins”, Parasite Zappers (claimed cure for AIDS/Cancers etc) and many more.

    It’s all about our God-made NEGATIVE IONS. Go figure! (do your own extensive research, the same way I did)

    Jesus bless us all! :)

  54. says

    All you have to do is research effects of alkaline water. The first time I drank alkaline water, I had flu-like symptoms. The water is detoxifying, and causing those symptoms. It is a normal reaction when our bodies are overly acidic because of our horrible western diets. I also need to tell you that after owning my ionized alkaline water machine, and drinking the water for 1 1/2 years, i haven’t been sick at all. My aching joints that bothered me when I go jogging, no longer ache. I am much more hydrated, and my “allergies” don’t exist anymore. I just wanted you to know my positive experience. Thanks

  55. sid says

    After 2 hours drinking just 2tbsp ….I had to rush to the john…It was weird. I had diarrhea. and it felt weird because I felt flushed from dirt ..there was no reason for this weird effect since I ate ordinary food during lunch.however what i had was high on fat. After a few minute of consuming it. I felt a little dizzy but then it went away. I believe it does have a detoxifying effect but I wasnt expecting it to be that fast.

  56. sid says

    btw i was told that its pure alkaline water is processed differently from the ones you can buy in plastic jugs.. you cant put the in a plastic container or else the plastic will melt eventually..

  57. Zab says

    After drinking alkaline ionized water for
    for 4 days my blood pressure got low to 101 /46.
    I got very week and dizzy tried to vomit i couldn’t I stopped now.I got scared

  58. says

    I was dependent on drugs to lower my uric acid and frequently under attacked of gout. When I stay for good in the Phils and drinking every day of alkaline water believe me until now I had not encounted any single gout attack. I also stopped taking the drugs for uric acid.

    I am not exercising at all but it’s been a good help to my health.

    Try it…

  59. DANNY says

    ALOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THAT THE FIRST WEEK OR SO YOU MIGHT OR WILL GET THESE SYMPTOMS!! When detoxing people often experience what is known as ‘detox flu’ or ‘detox crisis’. As your body is systematically cleansing itself of toxins and pollution, this is the period during the detox that these toxins are being eliminated from the body. Different people experience different symptoms, but commonly they can include headaches, nausea, cold-like symptoms (blocked nose, shivers etc), spots and pimples etc. Different people also experience these symptoms in varying degrees of severity, with some people not experiencing them at all! Fear not though, as these feelings are never more than uncomfortable and they rarely impact too much upon your normal daily routine. The symptoms also usually occur between days 2-4…

  60. Bryan Pigg says

    U have to do ur homework before u realize that water is not the same u need to buy books on it & study about it.. Ionized water is the best but it doesn’t last in a bottle for long, it goes right back into a normal state over 12hr period or maybe a little bit more.. so only way you are going to know what happened to ur body when or if u drank this water or that water u have to study books & testimonies all the while ur using one brand or the other or if u are getting ionized water straight from the water ionizer itself.. the only way i learned or learn about what is happening is to ask God for direction about where to find the info on it so I can learn while experimenting one way or the other about anything i do.. or partake in. there’s a lot to learn but it will make u very strong & protected from what u don’t know, cuz that can kill u, (what u don’t know).. most people are too lazy or don’t think they can figure it all out cuz its too scientific for them, but it isn’t it’s real fun & easy to learn, but really makes u strong in the long run = and for me that means strong body.. I just bought my water ionizer & it is tremendous, it fills my muscles up with water n oxygen so fast & keeps me pumped up all day.. u can’t get that anywhere else because u have to get it drank within so many hrs. 8-10 before u loose what the machine did to energize the water with lots of oxygen & reduce the structure of it so it goes into ur cells quickly.. it takes time but over the last 2 years i’ve learned more than I thought i could ever learn about minerals n water n billions of other things that help u live healthier..!

  61. Mark Caro says

    Hi Connie,

    I do not see you commenting on those who’ve given positive word to alkaline water. Is this your bias showing?

  62. Ria says

    Hi! So sad to hear about this. But this is something that people don’t really know about ionized alkaline water. Alkaline water in particular, is only good for 2 days when not refrigerated. Otherwise, it will lose its drinking pH level (around 8.5-9.5) and may turn into acid water, which only around pH 2.5-6.0.. When water becomes acidic, you should not drink it. Alkaline water should be stored in dark containers and be kept away from heat.

    Once the pH drops, it may cause stomach aches and other body pains. To check if your ionized alkaline water is good, you should have an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) reader and it should read about -480orp, and a pH tester which you can buy from mercury. When water is tested and pH is high, water should turn blue to indigo.

    Hope this helps. :)

  63. MattD says

    hahahaha. its because you bought it in a bottle. as someone stated above.. you should make your own ionized water from the tap with a machine. That is the only TRUE ionized alkaline water

  64. Nicky says

    Recently, I was in the ER sick with many symptoms (much due to having gastroesophageal reflux). I was suffering from flank body pains and my kidneys were going down hill. When I had a urine analysis at the ER my acid level was 5.2 even when I drinking lots of water (I drink around 2 liters of normal drinking water daily, but still suffer Hyperuricemia). The ER gave me IV fluids and I was released home, but the on call doctor told me last minute before leaving I should try alkaline water; I was a skeptic about trying anything new especially with new quack science being involved with my water, but he did warn me to keep drinking normal distilled water between drinking alkaline water. I purchased a pack of alkaline water, but never bothered to touch it due to being skeptical. A week later I was back in the ER and brought a bottle of alkaline water with me. This time I was severely dehydrated even when I drank loads of water. The doctor at the ER said I was on the brink of having kidney damage due to such high acid levels. While sitting around the ER I kept drinking alkaline water and when I had a second urine test done the PH level jumped from 5 to a 6.5 and I was feeling much, much better. Doctor was also quite impressed and asked if I took anything (just the water). Since that visit I always keep alkaline water handy. I don’t drink it daily, but drink it every other day sometimes I’ll skip a few days, but my kidneys and stomach has never been better. I personally still don’t think alkaline should be your main drinking water, but rather a booster. As much good as it does me, I think plain water is still the best to say dependent on.

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