Alternative to air-conditioning speedy-sleeping

It might look like something out of the prologue of a CSI episode but it isn’t. That’s not a dead body. June 7 must have been a particularly hot day because Speedy slept on the bedroom floor with the sliding door to the garden open. He’d rather do that than turn on the air-con. Sleeping on the floor is free, air-con consumes very expensive electricity. He follows his house rules very seriously, you know.


  1. says

    hahaha, si speedy na naman ang napagtripan.

    naalala ko tuloy yung mga pamahiin sa barrio, bawal daw picturan ang natutulog. e yung iba nga video pa ang kinukuha di ba. tapos yung mga baby pictures.

  2. lemon says

    hahaha. Ang sarap ng tulog.

    With the heat these days Ms. Connie, your bedroom with a sliding door to the garden makes me envious.

  3. cheann says

    parehong-pareho talaga sila ng asawa ko, titiisin na ang init, wag lang gumastos. buti na lang kapag food, no holds barred! hehe.

  4. says

    My son is the same! We live close to the sea so the heat can be unbearable at times. My son had learned the habit of removing his clothes and likes sleeping on the floor– and yes, like Speedy, close to the door…LOL

  5. says

    Ma’am Connie, malaking tulong po yan para mabawasan ang problema sa global warming, ang hindi paggamit ng “aircon” at saka mainam po para hindi kumita ang swapang na Meralco, dahil sa napakataas at unreasonable nilang singil sa kuryente!

  6. emyM says

    Ang himbing ng tulog ng baby mo…baka napapaginipan ka n’ya!
    The cool hardwood floor helps.One lucky guy…pag-gising n’ya pa may custard pie….”life is good” is written all over
    Speedy’s t-shirt…hehehehe

  7. says

    Totoo yan. But between getting heat stroke and using the aircon, what would you choose?

    The long-term solution is house design with maximum ventilation and roofing (with insulation) that reflects instead of absorbs the heat. Sadly, the standard roofing material is still galvanized iron.

  8. says

    Alma, makes me think that “banig” is really ideal in tropical countries.

    Lemon, when you build you dream house, don’t forget that nothing beats natural ventilation. Swerte nga kami at kalalaki ng mga bintana nitong bahay.

    EmyM, kahit sa loob ng kotse at kahit mainit, mahimbing matulog yan hahaha

  9. says

    no wonder Ms. Connie, kaya pala mahimbing ang tulog ni sir speedy ay may katabi syang “deodorizer” (sapatos ba yon?)
    just kidding lang po! nagpapatawa lang! i’m a fan of your blog.

  10. lemon says

    Ms. Connie, the house we bought being previously-owned,we had to make do with the existing windows. But our bedroom, come to think of it, has a bay window which opens to a pocket garden. I’m mulling over the idea of tearing down that wall and putting a french door there.

    By the way, in your opinion, is having a bedroom downstairs more practical? We plan to build a second floor in a few years, but I’m thinking, the husband and I might as well stay downstairs para pag matanda na kami, hehe, di kami mahirapan umakyat ng stairs. Besides, having 2 daughters, malalaman namin who goes home way past midnight, hehe.

  11. cheann says

    lemon, seems like a good to have your bedroom downstairs. my husband and i were thinking of the same thing when we build our “retirement” home. easier on the knees when you’re old. hehe.

  12. says

    Lemon and Cheann, re downstairs bedroom and old age…

    That was what the developer told us hehehe Solves the problem of girls sneaking in too because there’s no way they can enter the (kitchen) back door without passing through the garden. :razz:

  13. lemon says

    ma’m cheann, true, and that way, we will be keeping an eye on the door and the girls. LOL.

  14. lemon says

    Ms. Connie, the husband used to say, sorry na lang daw ang girls kasi alam ko lahat ng klase ng palusot hehe. i have this friend, nakita ng dad niya, kapapasok pa lang ng front door at 4am. ang palusot–nag jogging daw, hehe, and she had rubber shoes to prove it too.