Ceiling fans: they’ve come a long way, baby

That time that Speedy and I had a fight over whether to use a ceiling fan or a stand fan, we were actually trying to decide what fan to install in our bedroom in the new house, the one we’ll be moving into in a few weeks’ time. That makes it less silly than it sounds. See, Speedy likes control over the direction of the ventilation while I prefer to feel the air moving all around the room. I also like to maximize floor space. What can be mounted on the ceiling and walls need not eat up precious floor space.

Time was when ceiling fans were plain white affairs that really did nothing to make a room prettier. They were meant to be functional and nothing more. But this is 2008 and the wide array of ceiling fan designs offers a lot of possibilities.

casaveneracion.com Ceiling fan with anahaw leaves shaped blades

Look at the ceiling fan in the photo. Those blades shaped like anahaw leaves make the ceiling fan not only functional but decorative too. In fact, the fan becomes quite a conversation piece. And since I am going to paint our bedroom in a light shade of green, the color of the blades will blend in beautifully.

Okay, that ceiling fan is rather expensive at P9,000.00 plus. But it will transform the stark bareness of the ceiling. And it will provide ample ventilation too when airconditioning is not necessary. So, why not?


  1. dhayL says

    I’d say GO FOR IT! It’a nice piece of art too you know! It’s a pretty design, they look like natural “pamaypay”, i like it!

  2. Mike says

    Nice fan. Where to buy like this is Subic or Clark Connie ? I like this style but maybe with light too ?

  3. listen says

    Hi Connie. I’ve been looking for this type for quite some time now. MC Depot? sana meron pa…tnx