Ceiling-mounted light fixtures and chandeliers

Not every light that hangs from the ceiling is a chandelier. By definition, a chandelier is a lighting fixture that is attached to the ceiling, has branches (or arms) with each branch holding the light. Of course, it’s not a strict definition especially given the more modern chandelier designs. But I won’t say more than that because chandeliers aren’t my thing anyway. I find them either too medieval or too ornate. And the practical side of me says I will never be able to clean them myself.

What I prefer are pendant lights — a single lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod.

casaveneracion.com Pendant lights

Note that a pendant light does not necessarily consist of a single light. A pendant light, or a drop, can consist of several lights and the cord from which they hang doesn’t even need to be of the same length.

casaveneracion.com Pendant lights

The photos were taken at different stores at the home depot in the Ortigas area. Next time, I will pay more attention to store names so I know where to return to buy the things I like.