Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs can be playmates

All I really wanted was to post an entry with lots of photos about how we spent a relaxing Sunday playing with the pets, doing paper crafts, cooking, baking… But there’s been a twist in the comment thread of the entry about monkeys and how paradigms are formed and my perspective took a turn. I’m still posting photos but now I want to put some perspective into them.

See, there’s this thing about people, about how much easier it is to believe and accept what most everyone else does because, twisted or not, it gives them a sense of belonging. It’s easier to conform than to point out that common belief can be wrong too. You can check out the discussion monkeys and paradigms entry. But it isn’t just with the BIG THINGS that people choose conformity. Even with little things, it’s the same. Like this thing about cats and dogs.

People are so wrong when they say that cats and dogs will always try to kill one another because it’s in their nature to see the other as the enemy. It’s not true. They do that only when they have to fight over food and territory. But if they can co-exist under circumstances where they can learn that the other is not a threat, they can become friends. But the funny thing is how most people simply accept the “natural” animosity between cats and dogs as Bible truth — even if they have no cats nor dogs to observe. What is it with people? Too many antiquated cartoon shows?

For the longest time, I’ve been meaning to write about how our puppy, Twix, and the two kittens have become playmates. I think I’ve even mentioned that in passing in an older entry or in a comment thread. But something as unbelievable as that… Well, it’s easy to say anything but if I can show you, that’s something else. Puppy and kitten at play

The moment Twix gets near, the kitten (still nameless — we alternately call him Hoy, Psssst, Poknat and Kuting) rolls on his back. It’s his invitation to play. Puppy and kitten at play in the garden Pets Puppy and kitten at play

This is the point where Twix wants to run off and explore the garden. The kitten extends its paws because it still wants to play. pets playing in the garden Puppy and kitten at play

Really, how smart is it to simply accept what the majority says?


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    That’s a familiar sight at home, too. We used to be dogs-only family but decided to get cats and just introduced them slowly to the dogs. Now we have 10 dogs and 7 cats and they all co-exist.