Solid wood dining table and chairs

Flashback: the magazine page with a photo of the dining chairs I wanted. Dining room furniture design

Thirty days later, the dining set was delivered together with the living room furniture and bar stools. Custom-made dining table and chairs in Philippine mahogany

Why not a design with cushioned backrests? Ventilation, of course. This is the tropics where people sweat nine months out of every year. The cushioned seats are removable and so are their covers so they can be washed every few weeks. I’ll order a second (and maybe even a third) set of covers — one in summery colors and another in Christmassy colors.

Again, the furniture maker is MRT Furniture, Lifetyle section, second floor of the Greenhills Shopping Center. Their main showroom is in Bo. Batik San Pablo, Telebastagan, San Fernando, Pampanga.