Dog day afternoon

First of all, the dog has a name — finally. Not Brad, unfortunately, but Astro. Speedy’s idea. When I first heard Sam say “Astro” I thought the dog was being named after the cartoon character called Astroboy. But the origin of the name is a song with the same name by the Radioactive Sago Project whose music Sam introduced her father to a couple of years ago. A Pit Bull named Astro

Second, don’t get the impression that this is going to turn into a dog blog. It’s just that I’m trying to learn about this latest addition to our household and aside from reading about Pit Bulls, I have been observing Astro and trying to understand his habits. And yesterday was one heck of a day. Here are some things I learned about this dog.

This dog eats cat food

I am not joking. I thought it was just a fluke the other day when he started eating Pepper’s food. Not a fluke. We had to move Pepper’s feeding bowl to the bedroom and shut the door just so she could eat without getting pushed by Astro. The weirdest part was that I filled Astro’s feeding bowl with his own dog food but he merely sniffed the contents of the bowl. Sam discovered later that it wasn’t the food that Astro disliked but the aluminum feeding bowl. The dog is either scared or angry with his own reflection and refused to go anywhere near the feeding bowl. Ergo, Pepper’s plastic feeding bowl and whatever’s in it look tastier.

If that’s not weird enough, in true mafia style, Pepper waited for the perfect opportunity for vendetta. The moment Astro fell asleep, Pepper ate his food — yes, the dog food.

Astro is a Mama’s Boy

For some reason, Astro is really drawn to the pillows under my desk. Whether it’s the smell of my feet or the lingering fragrance of the Citronella insect repellent that I sprinkle on the pillows everyday, I really do not know. I thought he was being a sissy and I wanted to shake him and scream, “I’m not your Mama, now will you please vacate the space under my desk because my feet really need those pillows!” But, of course, I didn’t do that. Instead, I let him sleep there and that was when I noticed that he has something else in common with Pepper other than the love for cat food.

Astro has strange sleeping habits

That not all animals sleep on their stomach all the time is something we already knew. Pepper sometimes sleeps flat on her back — like a human person. Not all the time though. There are times when she sleeps like any other four-legged mammal — on her stomach and with her front feet tucked underneath.

Astro’s a little different. sleepy dog

First, he makes himself comfortable… sleepy with one eye shut

Then, he shuts one eye first… sleeping dog

Before going to sleep. Pit Bull

When he is sleeping deeply, he rolls on his side raises one paw and sticks out part of his tongue. :shock:

Dogs must have some knowledge of marijuana

To show Astro that it was more pleasant outside than being cooped up under my desk where he has nothing to do while I have my computer and the Internet, I brought him to the garden. When he woke up from his nap, I knew I should bring him outside anyway so he could poop and pee. I took a chair and waited, watching him inspect the plants and the tiny insects that he managed to shoo away.

Thing is, Astro couldn’t have known that grass is not grass is not grass, and that not all grass is marijuana. Astro the Pit Bull tasting the carabao grass

He just had to sample the carabao grass, did not get high and gave up.


  1. chiara says

    aww cute!!

    …i wish i could write that way, na kahit parang mejo wala lang nagiging funny and interesting. lol

  2. Michelle says

    Oh he is so cute! One of my Schnauzer also sleeps with her tongue out and we call her “Belat” hahaha, she is now in Canada enjoying the countryside life with my mom, I’m so freaking jealous!

    Astro’s paw-pads are a little swollen-looking? Or is it really that thick? Fighting or show line? It’s such a disgrace that PCCI (Philippine Canine Club Incorporated) is still living under the rock and doesn’t allow Pitbulls on their records, PCCI is an AKC (American Kennel Club) clone, thus the stupid discrimination of the Pitbull as breed. Pitbulls are one of the most malambing and safest breed of dog there is, with proper environment and temperament training, they are the perfect breed for a family with children and pets. The media kills it as always!

  3. Michelle says

    “they are the perfect breed for a family with children and pets.” -When I say pets, I mean other pets. My Pitbull ‘Saku’ is very friendly with my cockatoos and guineapigs.

  4. says

    Karen hahahaha go! go! I never thought the day would come when I would actually learn to like dogs and here I am like a new mommy taking his photos all day — kahit tulog hehehehe

    Hi Michelle, the paw pads are THAT THICK LOL. I used to object to any plans of getting a pitbull. I guess I was one of those who suffered from prejudice. Now I know that the prejudice is baseless because Astro is so, so malambing. Nasa upbringing at training nga siguro.

  5. zettyjones says

    its nice to know that astro is being taken good care….:) maybe one time we could set up a day where astro and his brothers and sisters would get together and play.