Flowers from long ago

I’m still digging into my old photos and look what I found! These are some of the flowers that used to grow in our garden. We have a lot of new ones now.

If the colors appear too bright in some photos and totally washed out in others, that’s because I took these photos with a stinky old cam called the Kodak LS443. white gumamela

These white gumamelas used to be a favorite… until they grew wild and covered the windows leaving us with little ventillation. milflores

Milflores, literally, a thousand flowers. yellow gumamela

Hibiscus, I believe, is the proper name for gumamela, the national flower of Malaysia.

Another favorite, this gumamela above must be a cross-breed. The petals are yellow around the edges and a deep pink at the center. lavender gumamela

These lavender gumamelas are the hardest to grow. Yeah, I say are because the still live! They are so rare that we kept them even as the others were replaced. We have two varieties of this lavender gumamela now–the smaller and simpler ones in the photo and the bigger ones with overlapping petals given by Jay and Jet. I’ll post photos of the bigger ones next time. They are really lovely. :)


  1. lemon says

    great shots, connie. beautiful flowers.our gumamela just keeps on growing, with leaves multiplying, but without the flowers.

  2. says

    thanks, lemon. :)

    ayaw mamulaklak gumamela nyo? you know, I noticed that if left alone, the bloom profusely. the more trimming they get, nagtatampo yata.