Garden steps

Back in the old house, the front and back garden had steps made of cast concrete slabs with embedded pebbles. This variety of garden steps is the most common and they are available in different shapes and sizes. We didn’t exactly choose this kind of steps, it came with the landscaping job. Cast concrete slabs with pebbles embedded

I have two issues with these steps:

  1. The dull grey color isn’t exactly attractive.
  2. They are very slippery when wet. Cast concrete slabs with waterproof paint

When we moved to the new house, the garden had these cast concrete slab steps, probably made with molds. No pebbles embedded — just plain concrete designed to looked like pieces of bricks laid side by side. They were painted with red waterproof paint. The surface is textured making the slabs safer for walking. The bright red paint creates a wonderful contrast with the green grass and that makes the steps more visually appealing than the dull grey pebble-embedded concrete slabs.

The question is whether I am happy enough with them.

When we have enough budget, I’d like to replace these concrete steps with something more personal and less generic. These home-made stepping stones look like a great idea for a summer family project.