Great masonry. With three exclamation points.

Speedy called me into the garden saying he wanted to show me something. As I walked toward where he was, he said, “When we build a new house, we’ll hire this person…” He pointed toward the house being constructed behind ours and…

The hell we’ll hire whoever the mason in charge of the construction is.

I mean… crrraaaaap… even without a meter stick, the naked eye can see what’s straight and what’s crooked, right?

Two ways to view the crooked construction.

First view: It’s an illustration of the “Pwede na ‘yan!” mentality. Literally, that translates to “That’ll do!” It’s one of the bad traits Filipinos are often accused of. In many cases, not without reason.

Second view: That’s the problem when all the best construction workers have gone to the Middle East to build skyscrapers or to China to build ships. Those that are left to build our houses are the ones without enough skills to get them employed abroad. Still, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if the architects and engineers supervise the workers’ daily output diligently. But many of the good architects and engineers have gone abroad too.

I only wish that the owner of the house can see this. But if he can’t be bothered to check on the construction progress, perhaps, it just serves him right.