Hanging garden lamps and citronella candles

casaveneracion.com Hanging garden lamps and citronella candles

When I saw these lamps in Dapitan the other weekend, I was instantly smitten by the design. I liked the colors, the shape, the star-shaped vents… But because they’re made of metal, buying a piece or more than one piece never really entered my mind. I am not a fan of metal. Not the kind that rusts anyway. In fact, I never really liked Transformers (it’s sequel, even less) because I just couldn’t see what was so exciting about seeing all that metal on screen. Neither could I be bothered to watch Real Steel.

But I digress. Speedy says that our friend (and sort of sister-in-law), Laura, adores this kind of lamps. She’s a garden person, that one, more than we are. She likes to arrange cut flowers too, something I was never really good at. So, when Speedy told me that Laura would be interested in these lamps, I made a mental note that I could get them in Dapitan if any gift-giving occasion involving Laura comes along.

That mental note grew longer as I mused if it would be a good idea to hang a few of those lamps in our garden. I asked Speedy what metal the lamps are made of; he said iron. I asked what kind of candles could be put inside; he said tea candles. I smirked and commented that the candles would require changing often and who wants to do that if everyone’s drinking and having a good time? I mean, who wants to bother about candles on such occasions?

But Speedy said the tea candles can last for a few hours. And — here’s the best part — there are citronella candles. Whoa. So the pretty hanging garden lamps can serve as mosquito repellers? Wow, I can almost ignore the fact that they’re made of hatable metal.

So, if I buy a few of those hanging lamps next time I’m in Dapitan, you can be darn sure that they won’t be for Laura.