Hey, Mr. Turtle, what’s your name again?

casaveneracion.com pet turtle

He’s been with us for a few months and I still don’t know what his name is. I’m not even sure if the turtle is male or female. Of all my daughters’ pets — and there have been many of varying kinds over the years — the turtle is the only one I have never touched, never fed, never even looked too close at. Most times, I just want to forget that he’s around.

What can I say? I don’t like reptiles. I don’t find them cute nor cuddly. Why Sam ever bought a turtle, I still don’t understand. Why she thinks it’s cute, I understand even less. But although I don’t understand what’s so cute about a pet turtle, I didn’t ban Sam from buying and taking care of one. So long as I don’t have to touch it, that’s fine by me.

Where does the turtle stay? Oh, he has an aquarium-like house.

And what does the turtle eat? Pellets. Sam says it can eat veggies too.


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