Horsetail on concrete flower planters

Loved them the first time I saw them and I didn’t even know what they were called. Horsetail on concete planters

Horsetail, I learned later. Or, to be more precise, Equisetum hyemale, one of the many varieties of horsetail. They thrive on watery areas and propagate without too much work. I wanted horsetail on two tall pots in the entryway by the front door but there was an empty spot leading to the lanai that would be a perfect place for them.

Speedy bought three concrete planters in graduated sizes and planted horsetail in all of them. They’re still “hidden” from public view until propagation is complete. That means the soil should be practically invisible and the entire surface of the planters covered with horsetail. Not that hard to do since it’s the rainy reason — they get all the water that they want. If our calculations are correct, we should be able to move them to the front of the house, in full view of everyone who passes by, before Christmas.


  1. cocoy says


    how come the horsetails i bought are drooping? ganun ba yun? i tied them loosely muna to keep them straight. are the branches/stems too young to stand proud? but those in your photos seems to be the same as mine


  2. mella says

    my ma and i tried to grow horsetail before but it just died on us. ma was so frustrated, she even blamed me for not having a green thumb daw…nyak! but i guess it was both our fault. it was summer when we planted it.. wrong timing talaga…

  3. says

    hi ms connie, what’s best and fastest way to propagate horsetail plant? i want to have them in my room pag marami na :)