Intruder in the house

A few days ago, at mid-morning and just as Speedy and I were about to leave for the supermarket, we heard strange sounds coming from the living area. Not the cats, definitely, so Speedy went to investigate. If you’ve lived in the city long enough to know what it’s like to get paranoid about robbers breaking into your house, you’d have an idea of what our immediate reaction was. Mine was to get a camera. For taking evidence.

So, Speedy was a few steps ahead of me and I heard him cursing loudly. intruder

Don’t know where it came from. Speedy had a long stick and he had opened the double doors leading to the garage to shoo it away but I said, “Wait!” I wanted photos. :-P

As I went after the darn intruder trying to take photos, it flew up the stairs and into the second floor balcony. From there, it flew to the roof over the front door where it stayed, in full view of the dogs who went crazy. intruder

We left for the supermarket and the darn chicken wasn’t there anymore when we got home.