It’s true: 50 is the new 30. Speedy is living proof.

We’re still in the midst of redoing parts of the house. It started simply enough as an attempt to maximize the use of natural light in areas where I normally take food photos and block out the harsh afternoon sun where we watch TV and hang out. But things have gotten a bit more ambitious. And complicated. An aircon conked out. A couch was brought downstairs. Three sofa beds were moved upstairs. And a chest of drawers with an attached upper cabinet was brought down from a forgotten corner upstairs to the new dining room.

Except for the couch, Speedy did all the lifting. He also single-handedly moved the dining set from where the dining area used to be to the new spot. The dining set is no light load. The table and six chairs are all made of solid mahogany. When the furniture was delivered over three years ago, it took three young and able-bodied men to bring in the dining table. What does that say about Speedy, eh? He’s a 50-year-old Iron Man.

My role has mostly been limited to feeding the hungry Iron Man and making things shiny and squeaky. As pieces of furniture are moved, I follow with a rag and furniture polisher and I clean each piece. Every crook nook and cranny. The furniture are so smooth and slick and shiny. And the floor is so shiny and squeaky and slippery because the furniture polisher gets sprayed on the floor as I clean the furniture, I wipe the damp floor too and, well, when we walk nowadays, our slippers go squeak, squeak, squeak. The floor is slippery (and so, so shiny!) in some areas even when not wet.

Yep, we’ve been really busy. Except for the four-legged creatures.

Only the cats have the luxury of sleeping all day.

And they’re really making the most if it.

There aren’t any good photos to share yet. Among all the rooms and areas affected by this “redecorating”, only my study area is functional.

My study is now adjacent to the bar. I have vacated my old study area upstairs so that Sam can use it for a studio. She really needs the space. I will manage beautifully with my new bar-adjacent spot. Use your imagination.

The upstairs bedroom where Speedy and I moved to? That’s where the aircon conked out. Nice timing. According to the technician, the compressor’s busted. We can get a compressor for 7K but without warranty. Never mind. We had the aircon in the new dining room taken down and moved to our new upstairs bedroom. That will do for now. The dining room doesn’t need air-conditioning anyway as it is arguably the coolest and most well ventilated areas in the house. All of that is still ongoing so both new dining room and bedroom aren’t functional. Speedy and I slept in couches last night — him in the living room; me, in my study.

Now, about the new dining room. I thought that the expense would be limited to new curtains. But when I started cleaning the walls, there were dark spots that just couldn’t be scrubbed. The walls will need a new coat of paint. And the drawers / cabinet that was brought from upstairs? We’re going to use it as a china cabinet in the dining room. It will need a coat of varnish to match the dark wood of the dining table and chairs.

Meanwhile, the hunt for a house in the city that we can afford is still ongoing. That’s mostly what I do on the iPad — look at houses for sale.

By the way, the photos were taken with the Sony Ericcson Experia Mini. Yeah, I’ve gone Android after using an iPhone for years.


      • says

        Jon, the transition was a little difficult. I spent two days figuring everything out. LOL But Sam did most of the work — installed all useful apps and all… I’m liking it, so far. I especially like that it’s light.

        Thanks, Albert. Hope we find one soon. :)

        • emyM says

          Great idea of setting up your study next to the bar. WooHooo.

          Speedy,watch your back….ask for help.

          • says

            Yes, Connie I agree with EmyM… Speedy has to watch not only his back but also his shoulders. Particularly the joints. I am a year older than him, and just this week went for consultation regarding a painful left shoulder. Diagnosis: “Rotator cuff tendinitis.” Caused by so many things, pero one of those could have been an injury because of lifting things beyond what I could bear. Yes, it is good to ask for help, too…

            Parang breath of fresh air rin yung ginagawa nyo ngayon, ha… great workout!!!

  1. roadrunner says

    “Meanwhile, the hunt for a house in the city that we can afford is still ongoing. That’s mostly what I do on the iPad — look at houses for sale.”

    You are planning to move to the city?