Kitten and my MacBook

Fat kitten Pepper decides to keep me company while I try to beat my newspaper deadline.

kitten and macbook

Problem is she’d stand up every few seconds and swish her tail right across my monitor. :neutral:


  1. Miss loves cats says

    Aww!! How cute! My cats (all three of them) do that to me when i’m trying to write something or read! They’ll lay on my floor the whole time they’re with me and as soon as i pick up a book or paper they’re right in my lap stepping all over whatever i was holding!! If i’m not holding anything then they completely ignore me!!

  2. Miss loves cats says

    I’m thinking of starting my own website about my cats and sharing the knowledge i have about cats… do you have any advice??? because i have no clue how or what to do!! :-)

  3. Nicholas says

    I am a huge lover of cats. My 12 year old daughter, Halie has two cats. ”ISIS” is the mama cat…and ”LACY” is her baby. Sorry I don’t have any pictures…But trust me, we are awoken each and every morning with mews and paws
    licks and loves.

  4. says

    Hehe your cats salt and pepper are adorable! :)

    I actually started a website for my cats back when I first got them – but have slacked in photo updates and writing about what happens in their daily cat lives.

    I even started a myspace page for them as a joke hehe…this is the URL:

    But, i remember reading on a blog somewhere that there’s actually a place called mycatsspace or something where you can create their own profile, upload photos and keep a blog! Convenient for those who don’t want to register a domain and go through the hassle of hosting and creating your own website.

    My 2 cats are Burmese boys…Milo is the chocolate coloured one and Lukas is the blue boy. They also like to try and get my attention by sitting in front of my monitor or rubbing their face against my keyboard… here’s proof!