Lesson learned from observing the pet

If I could always have things my way, I’d be updating each of my blogs everyday. I like writing things as they happen; I like writing down my thoughts almost as soon as they cross my mind. But it’s been a busy week. Family first. Two family dinner get-togethers in three days. And yesterday was Sam’s birthday. So, not much writing at night. What about the days, you may ask. Do I need all day to get dolled up for a family dinner party? No, actually. I need 20 minutes to bathe and five minutes to get dressed. I don’t put on make-up and I don’t blow-dry my hair. So, what happened during the past couple of days? Well, Tuesday, I was out on a photo shoot. And the rest of the days?

casaveneracion.com Cat on my computer chair


That’s Maki, Alex’s blue-eyed kitten, sprawled on my computer chair. I like tilting back my chair when I pause from writing. I lean back, look out the window and relax, drawing inspiration from the peace and quiet and the wonderful view outside. But with Maki on my chair, leaning back is a bit awkward. Not that I haven’t tried removing him. I have, many times. But he would dig his claws into the upholstery and hang on. The times I managed to move him to the floor, I’d find him back on the chair after a few minutes.

He’s just a kitten. An animal. Does he really deserve so much consideration? But Maki is Alex’s pet and very much a part of the household. He has an attitude but I’m almost sure that it has something to do with him feeling like an outsider. Meaning? Okay, we have three other cats — Pepper and her kittens. Maki is not related to them. But he craves Pepper’s attention as though he wants her to treat him as one of hers too. In fact, it seems that he seeks to monopolize Pepper’s attention. Pepper breastfeeds him. And when he’s feeding, he displaces the kittens. He likes to sleep beside Pepper even if it means Pepper has to sleep away from her own kittens.

It’s amazing how animals exhibit a lot of human attitudes. It isn’t uncommon for a child orphaned early in life to form a strong bond with a stranger — a man or a woman — whom he looks at as a father or mother figure. Maki isn’t an orphan but he was separated from his parents when he was two months old. So, I don’t find it very surprising that he has attached himself to Pepper.

I suppose he likes to get everyone’s attention. He knows I don’t allow the other cats on my computer chair — not even Pepper. So he has to be the one that’s allowed. But Maki being the “outsider”, I give concessions. I’ve stopped forcing him off my chair. Instead, I put him on my lap, stroke his fur for a few minutes, then I put him down gently on the floor. See, having a pet isn’t just about feeding and trips to the vet. It’s also about understanding them so that they can learn to get along with everyone in the household.


  1. says

    Aaw, this reminds me of my encounter with a seemingly lost rabbit near the elevator yesterday. I suspected that the pretty rabbit escaped from one of my neighbors.. as pet. Until one of my commenters mentioned that in middle east, these are being slaughtered. Huhu, kakaguilty tuloy na hindi ko sya kinuha.

    I was too busy to write a post but still found time to blog about the rabbit cause I was still so into it last night. http://witsandnuts.com/2008/08/20/an-unexpected-encounter-near-the-elevator/

    • says

      Cats and dogs are smart. I think their actions are reflections of the family households. Maki has good taste. …besides being cute.

      • Miguk says

        I wish I could get my cats to sit on my lap. The only time they pay attention to me is when they want to eat!

        • says

          witsandnuts, I have a friend who has this idea about breeding rabbits for food. She says it’ll feed so many people and cost is minimal. Rabbits eat grass, they’re prolific breeders and the meat (saw) tastes like chicken.

          JMonreal, I’ve always wondered who’s smarter — cats or dogs. Some say it depends on the breed and that the pure breeds are smarter than half-breeds.

          Miguk, you should be flattered. They acknowledge you to be the provider hehehehe

          • chris says

            Yeah, hehe, my dogs have so many human traits I find myself conversing with them more than I do some people.

            Maybe you can teach Maki to blog?

    • had_kendi says

      True. You can find rabbits samely packed like chickens in one of the grocery stores in abu dhabi. I find it weird and i was amused. But not for my husband, he wanted us to buy and try it to cook pero nagtatalak ako b/c hindi ako kumakain ng something unusual for me. :x