Let’s talk feng shui

Okay, I’m writing too much and too fast. It’s just all this pent-up energy because I couldn’t write for a week. I’m still on leave from column-writing though until next week. Meeting deadlines is not as easy as writing. Deadlines are stressful and I need — and WANT — a break from everything stressful right now.

So, I go with the flow and write about whatever comes to mind. Like feng shui. It’s more relaxing that way.

casaveneracion.com View from the staircase

That house we’re moving into by the end of the month? The floor area is 168 square meters (1808.336 square feet). Above, the view from the staircase. Which means you’re looking at the neighbor’s house through our window. :wink:

Anyway, about the number 168. From Wikipedia:

168 – road of prosperity or to be prosperous together – many charged telephone service numbers in China begin with this number. Many businesses also prefer to have this number as part of their names. It is considered one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. (Prosperity all the way)

Now, we didn’t have the house custom built. We didn’t even know the exact floor area until we had already decided that it was the house we wanted. Much later, I’d realize as I stared at the floor plans incessantly how the alignment of doors were all in accordance with the principles of feng shui. I’m not a superstitious person but that really makes me smile.

By the way, if you haven’t discovered the latest link on the sidebar yet, I’m documenting the dreamhome project in another blog. :grin:


  • pinayhekmi says:

    HI Ate Connie, you know feng shui from what I’ve learned is more about increasing the flow of positive energy and not about superstition. I don’t know, for me it works. Yung bahay namin sa Texas we just felt so much good vibes from it. And have you ever been in a space that was big but full of crap (knick knacks, brick a brac, just STUFF)? Parang all the energy is so stagnant doon, gusto kung linisin. heheh.

  • chiara says:

    wow not everybody gets to build their dream homes. :D

  • JMonreal says:

    feng shui or not, it is a matter of taste. You, Speedy and the kids knew what you wanted, and everybody fell in love with it – like love at first sight.

    I too love that beveled glass window by the staircase. Every morning as you go down the stairs to have your fresh cup of coffee, you are looking at both the interior of your house and the outside world.

    Congratulations and lots of feng shui!

    • Just in case, eh, Edgar? hehehe

      Thanks, JMonreal. We are soooo excited, I tell you. We don’t talk of much else in the house these days. It’s mostly, “Start packing!!!” hahaha

      • Wow! Congratulations on the new house Ate Connie. I bet it has a big kitchen :) .

        It’s great the they applied the Feng Shui principles, most of them makes sense.

        • Yep, Tina, big kitchen. That was one of the biggest attractions of the house hehehe

          • Jokjok says:

            How much is this feng shui house?

          • julie says:

            Connie, natawa ako sa 168, kaya pala ganun yung tawag sa pinupuntahan sa Divisoria :)

            Ganda naman ng itsura sa labas niyo, sa MH na ba yan?

          • Julie, tama, I bet kaya yun yung pangalan nung mall sa Divisoria. Not Mission Hills.

          • Rudy Portugal says:

            I wish you the best of luck. May you find happiness, contentment and bountiful blessings with the new house. May you have a fast recovery with your surgery. Now that you don’t have gall bladder, watch your fat intake. Ciao.

          • eluvs says:

            … ask ko lng, anung month kaya maganda magpatayo ng bahay???


          • rose says:

            Hello! My cousin is planning to move on a rented house. up and down house with no fence around the house. can you help my cousin to know on what to do.


          • Mary Joy Minaves says:

            Mam, I would like to ask if growing a pine tree or any kind of cypress plants in a residential lot will bring bad luck for the family? please help me… i have lots of pine trees at home… i’m very bothered… thank you very much

          • The entry is feng shui trivia. I’m no expert in feng shui. I’m not even a believer of the pop version of feng shui. Sorry…

          • wevilyn solon says:

            i just wanna ask if its okey if you place your stairs infront of the main door of the house? i just want to know cuz i am renovating my house as of now…….pls. let me know

          • I hear that’s not recommended.

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