Like drinking water from a Christmas tree blinking-glass2

It’s a drinking glass like so many others. Or so, I thought. Between Christmas and New Year, Speedy’s youngest brother, Richie, and his wife, Aya, (apparently) handed us a gift-wrapped box during a family reunion. You know how toxic it gets over the holidays. The box was left in the pick-up and no one remembered about it until a couple of days later. Speedy retrieved it from under the passenger seat and put it on the breakfast counter. I was surprised to see it primarily because I couldn’t remember seeing it before (we were drinking at the reunion). Was it Richie who handed it to me? Or was it Aya? Maybe, one of them handed it to Speedy and not to me.

The even more insane thing is that the box stayed on the breakfast counter for another night before I finally tore off the wrapping. I opened the box, saw a pair of drinking glasses inside and since we have a lot of drinking glasses, I put the pair back in the box. You know, like a reserve. If we break a couple of glasses, we’d have a ready replacement.

But Speedy decided to use them. The experience was so hilarious.

The glasses blinked. As in blinking like Christmas lights on a tree. blinking-glass

The moment you pour water into it, a sensor embedded at the bottom activates the lights. Speedy was so sure that Sam and Alex would fight for the right to use them but, as it turned out, it was him and me who were more amused.

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