No one should ever feel too old to play

The night we went to see the Sherlock Holmes sequel, we were two hours too early for the last full show at the Eastwood Mall. We had had dinner already and we weren’t sure how we’d pass the time. We ambled around, spent some thirty minutes inside the bookstore then did some window shopping when we passed by the toy store. Toys R Us, if I remember correctly. Sam and Alex insisted that we go inside. We did.

Alex started pointing at remote-controlled cars and helicopters, she had so many of those already and I told her we didn’t have the budget for new ones. She could buy one out of her allowance, I said, but she didn’t want to. Sam, on the other hand, had something much, much cheaper in mind. Soap bubbles. And she was willing to pay for it. Alex lost interest and said she would go and find her father (as it turned out, they went back to the bookstore where she bought a small notebook which she found too cute to resist).

Sam took her time choosing which soap bubbles sets to buy. I stared, asked how old she was (she’s nineteen) but almost as soon as I asked, I wished I hadn’t and I wanted to bite my tongue off. She may be nineteen but there’s really nothing wrong with playing with soap bubbles. I started helping out, suggesting which looked good and I gave my honest opinion when she asked for it.

To make a long story short (it was a long story because we were at the store for a looooong time), she got what she wanted, we went down to the open area on the ground floor where she unwrapped her soap bubbles stuff and started blowing bubbles. Yes, right there. In public. She said when she went to Eastwood with friends and they didn’t have anything to do, she’d do that. Buy soap bubbles and play there. And I really admired her. I liked her attitude of not caring if people stared or found it weird to see a grown girl blowing bubbles in a public place. I liked it that she knows how to have fun.

It was a Saturday evening when we were at the mall. All throughout the next day, there were more blowing bubbles episodes at home. Speedy and I were the photographers.

When night fell, we thought she had tired of her soap bubbles. She went up to take a shower while Speedy, Alex and I remained downstairs watching TV. Speedy and Alex had their Macbooks on. Suddenly, tiny bubbles were falling from upstairs.

In trickles at first…

Then more…

… and more… I took my camera and started taking photos. And Speedy and Alex started to get upset because the bubbles were falling on their keyboards and monitors, and I was aiding and abetting Sam. Okay, I told Sam that the bubbles bursting on the floor could make the floor slippery so we could just go outside.

I started blowing bubbles and Sam took photos.

It was so much fun. We were outside for a while taking turns blowing bubbles and taking photos. Until we heard the cry of a tuko (gecko lizard). We stopped and looked at each other, we decided it sounded like it was quite far away and we went on blowing bubbles and taking photos. Then, another cry from the tuko… and another… and each one sounded nearer than the last. That was it. We packed up and went back into the house. Not much fun blowing bubbles and taking photos with a tuko nearby.


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    “And I really admired her. I liked her attitude of not caring if people stared or found it weird to see a grown girl blowing bubbles in a public place.”

    Yes Connie I admire people like her too that she could not care less, I do crazy things as well well not so crazy but if I’m happy with it so what!

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      My mother asks the same thing whenever I hang out with my “little pals (ages 3-5)” sometimes I get annoyed sometimes I just laugh.
      But you’re right,no one should be ever feel too old to play.

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    Sha, re playing in the rain: Agree! Most people I know find the rain depressing but I think it’s one of the most romantic and invigorating natural things that anyone can ever experience and enjoy. :D

    Catherine, ages 3 to 5 is a swell age for playing with our kids. There was an episode… but I’ll relate that in a separate entry hehe

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