Should a house have a theme?

When we spent a week in the Visayas a couple of months ago, the last leg of the trip was Roxas City. We have a friend whose parents built their retirement home there and that was where we stayed for three days. Actually, “retirement home” is a bit misleading because my friend’s parents are still very much active with their bangus business. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, they own the fish pond where we witnessed our first bangus harvest. Juinio residence, Roxas City

That’s the house where we stayed. The property is much larger than what you see, actually, the other half having been planted to a magnificent garden.

The thing about the house is the theme around which it has been decorated. Fish — from the entryway to the curtains to the wall ornaments. Figures, right, since the owners are fish pond owners. Speedy and I marveled at the idea. How long did it take our hosts to accumulate all those beautiful fish wood carvings, table top accents, coffee mugs…??

When we decided to buy a new house, one of the first questions that Speedy asked me was what the theme of the house would be. I’ve always been fascinated by unicorns… but where do we look for household items with unicorn design? Unicorns aren’t exactly a popular interior design theme. So, I went for the next best thing — bamboo. Bamboo in a zen context.

BUT. But, you know, it isn’t just my house. It’s our house and I want it to be a reflection of something that we are all passionate about. We all love Apple but we can’t decorate the house with photos of MacBooks and iPods and Steve Jobs, right? The other passion we share is visual art — Speedy with his Garfield paintings; Alex with her manga drawings; Sam and I with our photography. I figured we can decorate our walls with our most creative work. In neutral frames or even without frames (click here to get an idea about what I mean). Ikea’s rimless frames look good too.

Of course, that’s all in the future. We have to move first and get organized and operational before we can even start about themes and decorations. It’s just that I’m too excited and I can’t shut up about the new house. :)


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    Rhodora, the new house is 10 minutes away so we’re staying on the hill. The kids won’t even consider moving back to the city. I guess that more than Speedy and me, they have really started to build roots here.

    We’re selling our old house.

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      connie, maganda nga yung plain white vertical frames. parang gallery. gusto din gn ganun. tsaka naghahanap din ako nung mga glass wall attached na frames. alam mo yun, yung may 4 rivets lang sya tapos sandwiched nung 2 layers ng glass yung photo.

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        Kotsengkuba, I thought about that too — glass only. But it looks like I’d have to have it custom made kasi wala namang mahanap na ready-made na ganun.

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          oh, am so excited for you. you know what when i got married, i got rid of all the junks in the house, now i am accumulating my own junks! anyway, i dont really know about themes all i know is that for years now, i have been trying to be a minimalist, but it isnt easy.

          • edgar villanueva says

            I always go for Zen design very easy to clean and manage,good for busy households,it is very simple yet very elegant….

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    Hi Raqgold. I like minimalism too. Utilitarian, in fact. I’d be enjoying this more if it weren’t for the darn stitches from the surgery… Hay, shopping for two straight days and I feel woozy.

    Edgar, I love, love zen too. Perhaps with a touch of shabby chic. We bought the lights already and I am so, so happy with our finds. Clean lines. No Draculific chandeliers. LOL

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    Great job of helping with a visual. As with a good deal of the Philippines, beautiful home.


  4. rhodora says

    Oh, I can feel your excitement, Connie. Congratulations for having bought a new house. If I may ask… what will you do with the old one? Sell it, I suppose? And are you going back to live in the city? Kasi if I remember right, you and Speedy were thinking of moving back to live in the city, considering Sam and Alex are soon bound for college.

    Anyway, with themes – I once toyed with the idea of sleek decor against rough finish in our house. Ay, I don’t think I can picture it well. But imagine a smooth, tall and elegant vase against a wall with rough finish. hehehe.. I’m not an interior designer, just a trying hard cheap wannabe. LOL!