Snowing in spring, raining in summer Raindrops on jasmines

It rained most of the night. Not a strong rain but definitely more than a drizzle. Strange for this time of the year. Officially, it’s the third week of summer but I can count the days when it turned really hot since the beginning of March.

Not that I’m complaining. On the contrary, I love it that I don’t feel like I’m going to faint in the heat. I love it that we’re three weeks into summer and I’ve soaked for hours in the tub only once, something that I usually do everyday during summer in addition to my morning and evening showers.

I love it that it rained almost all of last night which means Speedy doesn’t have to water the lawn, the flowers and everything else because the grounds are more than superficially wet.

Still, it’s strange that it’s actually raining. Pepper, who prefers to sleep on the cold concrete floor, is curled up on an armchair. I don’t remember her doing that in a long time.

It sounds even more strange when I consider the weather in the Northern hemisphere. According to Joel who is in the New York area, it still snows. According to Beng, it’s still snowing in Germany. Kalyn in Utah who’s moving to her new house wrote this a few hours ago.

In Canada:

In the UK:

And someone’s getting royally pissed.

So, the strange weather patterns are everywhere. It’s snowing where it should be spring; it’s raining where it should be summer. I still won’t complain because I prefer the steady light rain to the usual suffocating heat of Philippine summers. In fact, I wish we can just skip summer altogether.