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It’s our 16th Valentine’s Day together, 15 of which as a married couple. But our last Valentine’s Day dinner was 16 years ago when we were still dating. Speedy picked me up from a three-day seminar then we went to Dean’s St. in Greenhills for dinner. Afterwards, we went to a bar called Yesterday where I ordered five different kinds of mixed cocktails while he drank his beer. We were married later that year. By Valentine’s Day of 1992, I was pregnant with Sam, and bed-ridden.

But the story started in October of 1990 when one of the legal secretaries in the office, Riza, told me excitedly that she wanted to introduce someone to me. I just ended a disastrous two-year relationship and wasn’t exactly raring to plunge back into the dating circle — especially not on a blind date. She said he drove a red Mercedes Benz and I just laughed. She organized a group outing to Palos Verdes in Antipolo, a venue carefully chosen, I was sure, as a romantic suburban backdrop for our first meeting. I stood them up.

We finally met a month later. Speedy told me that Riza’s sales pitch was that I had “big boobs”. That first meeting would be followed by group outings and group dates. I wasn’t “looking” so I kept everything casual. Friendly, but casual. And kinda flippant.

Meaning? Well… meaning, like the time that Speedy went to Bicol on a three-day swimming outing with his friends. He asked what I wanted him to bring back as “pasalubong”. I told him I wanted a rock from the Cagsawa Church ruins. Another time, he went to Baguio on a business trip. He asked me again what I wanted. I said a shrunken head and a letter from the signage of Hyatt Terraces Baguio which, by that time, lay in ruins after the July 1990 earthquake. See, I never asked him for anything expensive — I just wanted unique “pasalubong.”

When we became a couple, we didn’t do the usual things that couples did. We didn’t go to the hip places. We did go dancing once or twice but what we really enjoyed were the day trips to Tagaytay. We’d bring a picnic basket and wine, rent one of those roadside huts that overlooked Taal lake, and spend the day drinking, eating, chatting and gazing at Taal Volcano.

When I transferred to a new job in Makati, I’d drive to his family’s house in Quezon City in the morning, leave my car there and I would ride with him to Makati in his company-issued car. Not the red Mercedes Benz, which was really his father’s. And it wasn’t a drop dead gorgeous car unlike what our friend Riza conveyed when she was trying to get us together. Think Batman and you’ll get a pretty good picture. Much, much later, when Sam was starting to talk, she would christen that car “Broom-broom” because of the muffler-less noises it made.


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    how nice it is to go down memory lane. i agree, connie, that valentine's day can be any day in the year. happy valentine's day to you, speedy and the kids! (i too have a 13- and a 15-yr old girl. am glad that i retired early to grow with them).

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    hi connie, happy v-day! i'm not even half way through reading your love story, buy by the first paragraph pa lang, i felt so kilig and excited to read the rest of the entry.

    and yup, i agree with you, giving flowers or any special gift for that matter should not be an obligation by either party, it should originate from a partner's desire to make his/her better half feel more special.

    so i guess, it's another v-day tomorrow. enjoy the rest of the family dinner later.

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    I am so thrilled to hear how you and Speedy met. One day I will write mine which I wrote in my diary. Yes I kept a diary of our young love. We have never celebrated Valentine's day even when we were dating. I 'll write about it later as I am preparing a simple dinner. In the meantime, Happy Love day to us. May our love get even stronger.

  4. jop says

    hello ate sassy,

    ang galing naman nitong istoryang ito, naiimagine ko ang mga eksena sa tagaytay, pati na ang "would-have-been" wedding ninyo sa sala, in your maongs. na touch naman ako sa sinabi mong in a few years, sila sam at alex ay magpaplano ng ng kanilang vday. haay…

    this is great way to start my day. snow day ngayon dito kaya alang pasok.

    enjoy your lechon, wine and yosi.

    lemme rummage my fridge, i think i have a cold bottle of wine and leftover chicken wings. it's ni lechon, but it'll do. and i as i take a sip of wine and puff a smoke, i raise a glass to you ans speedy. happy valentine's day!

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    Thanks, and Happy Valentine's Day to you all! :)

    Jop, we enjoyed half a bottle of wine then Speedy started snoring. haaaayyyy… Valentine everyday hahaha

  6. sha says

    i was a bit in dazed my first valentine w the swiss cheese he wanted something romantic

    he probably had noticed my brows and facial expressions..

    i said why not to the chinesse resto near his place

    and he came with a big pot of plant.


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    :lol: I enjoyed reading your story. I feel the same about the flowers. I actually get irritated when I get them on valentine's so my husband has learned to not even bother giving me any. Plus, as I've taught him, it's cheaper to buy them after valentine's day. haha!!


    kami rin, we celebrate everything together, the five of us. Natawa ako dun sa sinabi ni Speedy dun sa dalawa about dating. as if! :lol:

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    Finally, after being your friend for 25 years, I get to read the love story you never made kwento. You forgot to mention that you sewed that beautiful wedding dress yourself! Yes, friends, Connie is the compleat woman! And she does have "b_g b__bs" to boot!

    Well folks, here's the story: One day her good friends (or so we thought) receive a photo of Connie in a wedding gown, in front of an altar with a strange man whom we'd never met, who did look like Bongbong 40 pounds ago. And that's how we found out that she was married! It wasn't like we lost touch or anything. It wasn't like we were going to say anything bad about her in front of Speedy to turn him off. We weren't going to be like Peter, her favorite and only baby brother, and say, "Condolence." I guess it was just her idea of a semi-elopement. But Connie has always been romantic. I'm glad Speedy is, too.

    They do have a wonderful marriage, thanks to Speedy, and the girls sound like they will turn out normal after all, despite the mom. Hahaha! He'll just have to buy a gun soon, or move from Antipolo to say, Batanes.

    All my love to you, Connie. Happy Valentines!

    p.s. which one was that disastrous 2-year relationship?

    (please delete the first one. i only wanted to highlight the "read." am lousy with html codes still.)

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    sha from fine dining to chinese resto? the pot of plant was the clincher hehehe but how romantic. :grin:

    JMom, "it's cheaper to buy them after valentine's day."

    Aye, true, flowers, dinner and chocolates are so terribly overpriced during Valentine's Day.

    Re what Speedy told the girls. I think he was trying to convince himself that he has become more broad-minded? LOL

    Lisa, salbahe ka hahahahaha You and the bruhas came to the house the day before the wedding so it wasn't that much of a shock ha.

    He has a gun hahahaha and he cleans it regularly hahaha

    re the disaster. oh, the one from the campaign. saka, bakit "which one"… kasi lahat disaster? hahahaha

    Happy Valentine's Day too and hi to Nico.

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    those must have been your classmates or the FLAG ladies who went to your house the day before, not me. I just saw the photo you MAILED in the WINLAW room! hahaha.

    it figures Speedy would have a gun. that should prevent this site from being renamed "the lola journals" or "the mommy-in-law journals" for many may years.

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    Our wedding photo in the WINLAW room? Susmaryosep! Talk about public knowledge hahahaha

    Re: should prevent this site from being renamed "the lola journals"

    hahahahahaha dapat lang! ayoko pa maging lola!

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    you know I thought about and salivated over that "sangkaterbang lechon" the whole day yesterday after reading this… I still am. Hope you got it :).

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    Very belated Happy Valentines Ate Connie!

    It was great reading your love story. You're not the big-grand-frilly-wedding kind of lady rin pala.

    Sarap naman ng lechon.

  14. Mel says

    Hi Connie! I'm Mel from Summit. We're launching a new food magazine soon, so please drop me a message if you're interested to tie-up. Looking forward to hearing from you! =)

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    LOL! At last, my request is granted! Hehehe. I didn't see this posted yesterday though, how come?

    "See, I never asked him for anything expensive — I just wanted unique "pasalubong."

    Unique "pasalubong" nga – pero ang hirap naman! Was he able to bring all those rocks and other mementos as per your request? That letter from Hyatt Terraces signage, for example – I wonder. :)

    Natawa ako doon sa selling point ng friend mo… on your big assets.. LOL!

    Thanks for this, Connie… Hindi naman corny ito, a. Cute nga, e. And I like that part when you would both go to Tagaytay and gaze at Taal Lake. So sweet!

    Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

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    Uy, Sam, oo nga naman, nandun ka before and after the wedding… and when my father was screaming at me on the phone hehehe

    Mel, I e-mailed you. :)

    rhodora, clear your browser cache. :)

    Re pasalubong: some he did bring home; others, not. Yung sa Hyatt, wala, sobra daw bigat hahahaha

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