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Lights, scents and home accessories

I would have posted photos of loots from our most recent trips to Dapitan and Tiendesitas but, quite unexpectedly, I got sick on December 23 and I didn't feel better until late evening on Christmas ...(more)


The weekend was all about housekeeping. A portion of the parquet flooring in my study had to be repaired. In the garden, Speedy started installing lights and Sam was his assistant for an hour or ...(more)


Matching floor and table lamps

When we moved in, the only lights in the living room were seven halogen bulbs in brass fixtures on the ceiling. We rarely turned them on because the power consumption gave us nightmares. We entertained ...(more)

Lighting can change the mood of a house

For someone like me who loathes knick-knacks and flower vases (especially with plastic flowers), the idea of decorating a house with functional pieces is more appealing. Lighting fixtures serve a dual purpose. They illuminate the ...(more)