The flower that belongs on the corner table of my home office solid wood sculpture of a flower with a smiling face

The first time we saw this sculpture at Tiendesitas, we had just bought our first house in the suburb. That was in 2001. We always planned on buying it but we never did.

After we sold that first house and bought this one, I remembered the solid wood sculpture of a flower with a smiling face. The next time we were at Tiendesitas, the sculpture was still for sale. Whether it was the same piece we first saw in 2001 or a copy, I do not know. For one reason or another, we still didn’t buy the darn thing. We were more concerned about pendant lamps, tablecloths and curtains.

Last night, very late last night, we were at Tiendesitas. Sam wanted to shoot those antique-looking wood furniture and home decor, so we went. And I saw the flower with the smiling face again. Unfortunately, the store was already closed. Well, at least I got to take photos.