The problem with bamboo / matchstick / grass blinds

Connie Veneracion

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  1. P300? Wow, you make me want to go back to Dapitan for that — despite the heat and bad ventilation in that place.

    • pyjamas says:

      Pag sinabi nyo pong “Dapitan” san po un? Alam ko lang po eh yung Dapitan na kinulungan kay Rizal, Ahahaha!
      Pasensya na po, mejo eng-eng lang :P

      Bamboo blinds din po kasi ang gusto ko sa dining room windows namin. Natatak sya sa isip ko nung makita ko sya sa Ikea a few years back. Kaso manipis yung sa Ikea. Walang screening sa sobrang nipis.

      Naremedyuhan nyo na po ba ung problema sa blinds nyo Ms. Sassy?

  2. deloons says:

    In your opinion, where is the best place to buy inexpensive good quality bamboo blinds? I have been to Divisoria but was’nt sure where to look or if the quality would be good. Any suggestions?

  3. If you like them plain, there are roadside vendors along Commonwealth Avenue, along the National Highway in Tagaytay… but you have to haggle. We bought ours from Wilcon (Libis). They’re made in China. Cheaper than custom-made blinds but what you see is what you get. If you want really good ones, get them custom made. Lots of shops in Home Depots offer them, prices per square foot.

  4. deloons says:

    Around how much were the China made ones from Wilcon?

    And how much are the ones selling along Tagaytay?

    I need about 3 pieces of 56″x56″ sized ones eh, and the custom ones I found in Robinsons Galleria (Handyman yata) were P95 per sq foot – so it comes out around P2,000+ per 56″x56″ piece. Too pricey for me.

  5. The prices vary depending on the size. The ones we got were 60″ in width. Not so sure about the length now but it is longer than 60″. Prices range from P1,199 to P1,399. Shorter width, lower price. The shortest width is 36″ so you can even have two blinds side by side.

    The ones in Tagaytay, I don’t remember anymore. I only know the the first price is always unreasonably high but if you haggle, it can go down to as much as 50% less.

  6. deloons says:

    Thanks for the tip.

    Finally was able to get bamboo blinds for the house from Dapitan St. It was my first time there… and they have everything you could be looking for that’s Philippine made. Amazing.

    Got 3 60″ blinds for P300 each, and 1 24″ for P150. Its just the simple kind, not much design on it – which is exactly what I was looking for. :) Cheers

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