The rocking chair for breastfeeding or sipping a mojito

Sam was born on August 20, 1992, exactly two months before my 29th birthday. And for my birthday that year, Speedy gave me a rocking chair. He had this idea that if I held Sam in my arms, sat on the chair and rocked gently, she would soon be asleep. Well, it worked when Sam was very, very young. But by the time she was around six months old, the rocking chair was no longer a place for rocking her to sleep. See, the rocking chair was placed near the area of the house (we were living with Speedy’s parents at the time) where, on the other side of sliding glass doors, my brother-in-law, Buddy, lifted weights. Sam would watch him and echo the grunts he made. When Buddy went arrrggghhh…, she’d also go arrrggghhh…, Buddy would get distracted and put down the weights, I’d start laughing, Sam would look at me with that “What’s so funny?” expression written all over her face, I’d laugh even harder and, well… not exactly the mood for putting a baby to sleep.

We brought the rocking chair with us when we moved to my mother’s house. Sam was two and Alex was a few months away from her first birthday. By that time, the rocking chair served a whole new purpose. Speedy would sit there with either girl on his lap and he’d teach her how to count. 1…2…3… He did that with both girls and it was on that rocking chair that Sam and Alex learned the rudiments of mathematics.

My brother borrowed the rocking chair after his first son was born. When we moved to the suburb, the rocking chair was left behind with my brother. Speedy always wanted to get it but our first “house on a hill” was not large and there would have been no space for it.

I thought about writing all that after reading Mec’s post about the birthing chair. Apparently, there is a non-rocking version of that chair with the long armrests where, in the old times, women sat to give birth. The long armrests were not armrests — they actually served as stirrups.

(Photo source:

If you didn’t notice the long armrests from the photo above, here is another photo of a similarly designed rocking chair.

(Photo source: OLX)

In her post, Mec mentioned using the rocking chair version when she breastfed her babies. I used to do that do. Breastfeed my daughters while sitting and rocking on that chair that Speedy gave me long ago. So long ago…

Anyway, the talk about having a rocking chair in the house (we moved almost four years ago to a much larger house) still crops up now and then. If we do get a new one, since I’m really not a fan of antiques or antique-looking designs, I’d choose a rocking chair with a more modern design. Clean lines, compact and eye candy.

Like this one by Shiner.

Or these from Home Design Catalog and Ruth 1 + 2.

Or maybe these from Country Casual and Toby Howes.

Why get a new one? Is there a baby to breastfeed? Oh, no. For napping, then? Or reading? Maybe not. To be quite honest, the rocking chair conjures up images of my grandmother sitting by the bedroom window crocheting, snoring softly while napping or reading the Pasyon during Lent. Personally, I prefer the couch — for reading and napping. And, except during high school, I was never really into crocheting. And I never learned knitting.

Then, what would a rocking chair be for? Well, I like the idea of rocking chairs on the porch. Imagine sitting in them and looking at the garden, during the day or at night, while sipping a glass of agua fresca, a julep or a lassi. Or maybe even a mojito or a margarita. I like the mental image I’m seeing right now.


  1. peterb says

    Having a drink while on a rocking chair. Sounds relaxing. Derecho tulog. Though based on a forgetable experience, it’s not advisable if you’ve had too much already, the rocking motion starts to spin…..and it doesn’t stop!

  2. says

    i love rocking chairs, too. when we were small, we have two of them in the living room. agawan talaga sa pwesto kapag TV time na. when we lived in a fully furnished apartment here in germany for a few months, it has three rocking chairs! sa bedroom, sa kusina at sa living room! ibat ibang klase but i loved the rattan one in the kitchen more. am hoping to get a rattan one for me, soon! oh, and i used an ikea bean bag to breastfeed my girls.

  3. Blackwidow says

    I have a rocking chair similar to yours (photo on the first page). Yes, I bought that because I see myself lazy dazing in it on a breezy afternoon for a siesta. But I realized, that as I get older, I can not anymore tolerate any rocking movement because I get vertigo.

    I get to sit on it, minus the rocking movement. And it makes for good accent piece.

    • says

      Oooh, maybe outdoor teak furniture would be better for you. No rocking; just well ventilated chairs and maybe even a daybed. Hmmm… A daybed sounds good on the porch too.

  4. biyay says

    Get one that has long and wide arms. That way, sit sideways, leaning on one arm while putting your feet up on the other arm. Great for lazy afternoon reading

  5. Charo says

    I miss our old rocking chair. My husband has this in their ancestral house in Nueva Ecija. I remember when my eldest son was about 6 months old we usually have our nap time on the rocking chair, and my Father in law (RIP) then will woke me up… natakot siya kasi baka daw mahulog ko apo nya… :)