Got young kids? Look! Bladeless electric fans.

After running errands and spending hours at the showroom of a custom kitchen designer, Speedy and I had dinner then proceeded to the grocery -- first at S&R for dog food, cat food, vegetables and fruits, then at Shopwise Libis for rice paper (you know, for making Vietnamese spring rolls). At Shopwise, the first thing that caught Speedy's attention were these bladeless … [Read more...]

Some thoughts about buying a clothes dryer

Living with no house help, you can't imagine how many times I've been tempted to buy a clothes dryer and a dishwasher. These electric appliances may be considered standard household items in First World countries but not in the Third World. In fact, the washing machine was not a standard household appliance until about two to three decades ago. And by "standard" I refer to … [Read more...]

What an inverter in a refrigerator can mean in terms of power consumption

The first time I heard of an inverter, it was in relation with air-conditioners. We were planning on converting my study into a home theater, we were discussing air-conditioning and a cousin mentioned inverters. I can't explain it in very technical terms; I only know that an inverter-equipped air-con unit can mean a lot of savings in terms of power consumption. In a … [Read more...]

Cooking ranges: Ariston, Elba and La Germania

The kitchen of the new house was designed with a cooking range in mind. What we have right now is an Ariston cooking hob glued into the marble countertop and an Ariston built-in (electric) convection oven both of which are too narrow for the 33-1/2 inch space allotted for a cooking range. One option is a customized cabinet to house both the cooking hob and the oven. The … [Read more...]

The refrigerator that’s right for you

I grew up with a huge frost-free Kelvinator. When Speedy and I bought our first fridge back in the 1990s, we ditched the "frost-free" feature to save on power consumption. It was a 12 cubic foot two-door Kelvinator. That was the fridge we brought when we moved to the suburb in 2001.In 2004, when we added a kitchen wing to the house, we sold the fridge and bought a … [Read more...]

Water heaters

The house we're buying is equipped with centralized water heating. The plumbing and electrical system are there and we just need to buy a tank-type water heater. What a welcome relief after years of boiling water in kettles and pouring them into buckets when we took baths on cold days. But inasmuch as we'd love to have hot water in the bathroom, we also know that tank-type … [Read more...]

Ceiling fans: they’ve come a long way, baby

That time that Speedy and I had a fight over whether to use a ceiling fan or a stand fan, we were actually trying to decide what fan to install in our bedroom in the new house, the one we'll be moving into in a few weeks' time. That makes it less silly than it sounds. See, Speedy likes control over the direction of the ventilation while I prefer to feel the air moving all … [Read more...]

My new Tefal blender

My very first blender, bought before I was married, was an Oster. I enjoyed it for years. It lasted all through the early years of my marriage. It was the blender that pureed fresh fruits and vegetables for my daughters when they were first learning to eat table food.My second, bought about two months ago, was an Imarflex blender. It lasted about two weeks -- not even … [Read more...]