Got young kids? Look! Bladeless electric fans.

After running errands and spending hours at the showroom of a custom kitchen designer, Speedy and I had dinner then proceeded to the grocery -- first at S&R for dog food, cat food, vegetables and fruits, then at Shopwise Libis for rice paper (you know, for making ... (more)

Some thoughts about buying a clothes dryer

Living with no house help, you can't imagine how many times I've been tempted to buy a clothes dryer and a dishwasher. These electric appliances may be considered standard household items in First World countries but not in the Third World. In fact, the washing machine was ... (more)

Water heaters

The house we're buying is equipped with centralized water heating. The plumbing and electrical system are there and we just need to buy a tank-type water heater. What a welcome relief after years of boiling water in kettles and pouring them into buckets when we took baths on ... (more)

Ceiling fans: they’ve come a long way, baby

That time that Speedy and I had a fight over whether to use a ceiling fan or a stand fan, we were actually trying to decide what fan to install in our bedroom in the new house, the one we'll be moving into in a few weeks' time. That makes it less silly than it sounds. See, ... (more)