Are you prepared for the monsoon season?

There's probably no one more excited than I am for the arrival of the rainy season. "Excited" might sound mean for people who get nervous with the slightest drizzle after the ... »


How to keep cut flowers fresh longer

We don't often have cut flowers in the house but there were two occasions over the weekend so we have vases of flowers that we want to stay fresh for as long as possible. ... »

The new dining room

We wanted to achieve three things when we decided to relocate the dining room:1. Maximize natural light which I so need for taking food photos;2. Declutter (some say it ... »

Intruder in the house

A few days ago, at mid-morning and just as Speedy and I were about to leave for the supermarket, we heard strange sounds coming from the living area. Not the cats, definitely, ... »


Before Valentine’s Day

The last time Speedy did any drilling in the house, we were installing blinds for the first time. That was two weeks after we moved. A year and a half ago. He was using a ... »

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Job applicants

Within a few days after I fired the house helpers, we were able to hire a gardener. A manang who comes around daily. Even before we hired her, we already knew the quality of ... »

Asset or liability?

The space that I converted to my study/office was originally designed as a family room. There used to be built-in TV and DVD cabinets but I had them replaced with desks and ... »

What’s your domestic help problem?

Last Sunday, I fired our two live-in house helpers after discovering that, instead of keeping an eye on the house while we were out, they themselves went out and then sneaked ... »