Wall clocks: how plain or how ornate do you like them?

casaveneracion.com wall-clock2

When I was a young girl dreaming of building my own house one day, I always imagined I’d have a grandfather clock somewhere in the living room. You know, the kind kind with a hardwood casing and a gold pendulum. Then, I discovered that really good grandfather clocks cost an insane amount of money and I rethought my plans. Did I really want to spend a fortune on a clock? Maybe, a wall-mounted cuckoo clock would be a better idea.

Speedy’s mom had a cuckoo clock in her living room. It went out of commission, Speedy brother, Buddy, applied some first aid, I don’t exactly remember what transpired after that but the cuckoo clock, as far as I know is now with us but still not in working order. In short, it isn’t mounted on any wall in our house.

We have only two wall clocks in the entire house. One in the living room; the other, in my old study upstairs. The wall clock in the living room is the one you see above. Almost antique-looking…

casaveneracion.com wall-clock3

Except that there is an unmistakable print that says “Quartz”. Never mind. The copper-colored clock looks great against the orange wall.

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The one upstairs is a back-to-back clock. Two faces. So, whether you’re in front of it or behind it, you can read the time.

By ordinary standards, our wall clocks are not exactly plain. My grandmother had a huge round clock. That was plain. My mother had a square clock with rounded corners. That was plain. Ours aren’t. Still, I wouldn’t call our wall clocks ornate. Ornate is more like something I saw in Dapitan recently.

casaveneracion.com wall-clock1

Now, that is what I would call ornate. Apparently, there is a market for clocks like that. On the correct wall, a large tall wall, and with the proper lighting, those glass ornaments might look dramatic at night. But it isn’t something that would look good in our house. We’re really too spartan for something that ornate.