I went there for the lights and they were magnificent

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When Alex said she was the associate lighting designer for Definire and she invited us to see it, we pushed our scheduled departure time for Baguio last Friday to make it to the show. We were showed our seats and, before the house lights were switched off, Speedy and I turned around toward the control booth and saw Alex who was already positioned in front of the light board. There was no time to walk up there to say hello up close so I just waved vigorously. I saw Alex smile sheepishly, probably a little embarrassed at how showy I was. Well, surely, a mother can be a little showy in exhibiting her pride?

Definire was a dance play. Unlike a regular play where the story is played out with dialogues (or with songs in the case of a musical), Definire‘s story was told in a series of dance numbers. I have to admit that I didn’t really catch the story line but the lights were as colorful as they were moody and, at times, haunting and eerie. The lighting design team did a fine, fine job.

My only beef is that Alex did not come up the stage during the curtain call to take a bow with the rest of the technical team. She couldn’t because she was still behind the light board and the lighting job did not end until after the curtain call. I so love seeing her take a bow on stage as she had in previous productions. With Definire, I had to content myself with hearing her name mentioned, and hearing the applause at its tail. I am so proud of her. And it means the world to me that she is doing what she is passionate about. The theater is her world and I am so glad that she finds happiness in it.

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