What do you remember of 1980s fashion?

It is Humanities Week at the kids’ school and, tomorrow, they’re supposed to go to school wearing 1980s costume. When they first told me about it, I cocked an eyebrow and said, “1980s costume?” Is that so retro that they’re actually referring to it as costume? For the life of me, I couldn’t remember wearing anything different from what they’re wearing today. I was in college in the 80s and it was a sea of blue jeans — just as it is today. The only distinct difference between then and now was the popularity of shoulder pads back then. They were so popular that T-shirt shoulders were padded.

And, of course, the 1980s was the decade of Lady Di. Her wedding dress, clothes, her hairstyle and her jewelry were copied at every price range. But I don’t think either of my girls can go to school wearing a replica of Diana’s wedding dress even if, by some miracle, I happen to find one.

As the 1980s costume day drew near, the pressure to produce clothes for the girls grew. Since I couldn’t convince them to simply attach shoulder pads to their normal clothes, I finally searched Google for images of what people — we — wore in the 1980s. The keyword was “fashion.” By searching for “1980s fashion”, I finally remembered what we call went gaga over in the 80s — Madonna crosses and fingerless lace gloves, Cyndi Lauper’s multi-colored hair, Jennifer Beals’ torn blue jeans and overstretched sweaters (from “Flashdance”) and Olivia Newton-John’s leggings and leg warmers from the hit music video of “Physical.”

And now my problem has gotten bigger. Where the heck will I look for any of those clothing items? I’m not one to keep old clothes for nostalgic reasons. I always sell them to Eloy’s or give them to the plantsadora. And I never owned fingerless lace gloves nor leg warmers anyway.


  1. says

    I have the same problem. Our year-end party here at work is themed 80′s too. Will check back on this page for tips, in case you find them. Our party’s on the 18th. Will comment back if I get to find those stuff before you do. :)

  2. cocoy says

    I think your best bet is the UKAY UKAY. You can find tights now to take the place of leg warmers or the leggings from tiangges. Crosses are also in now with the Goth and Emo teen crowd.

    Hope this helps :-)

    • Ramon says

      haha! natawa naman ako dito. I was born in the 80′s and all I could remember was people wearing yellow. So there, pwede ring mag-ala Cory with the “L” sign. Fashion Pinoy style!

  3. says

    Hazel and Cocoy, Alex was able to borrow from a friend (ay, saved na ako!) and Sam is doing punk (we have enough accessories at home for that) so problem solved hehehe

    Nikita, sinabi mo! I wanted to go to the school and complain. Like, excuse me, what do you think the 80s is, like the 50s?

  4. says

    Uy, Ramon, I totally forgot the Cory fashion. Sayang, that would have been easy.

    d0d0ng, actually, I’m wondering how many of the boys in school will show up in Michael Jackson attire. Hmmm… and make-up hehehe

    Chris, hahahaha I love the “Bagets” photo. I saw that movie with two classmates. When we entered the moviehouse, two big groups of UP College of Law students were there HAHAHAHAHA

  5. chris says

    Goodness connie, I’ll be dating myself but I think I was around 10-11 when that movie came out. Lord knows how many times I practiced Aga’s dance moves in front of the mirror. *hides*

    • Trosp says

      No matter what, as compared to late 90′s up to early 2k’s, the clothes of the 80′s, IMO, are much preferable. What I’m referring here is the male’s apparels.

  6. says

    actually the 80′s is making a comeback. Ü most of the teen-agers nowadays wear bright leggings or colored jeans. Ü you could fix their hair up into funky madonna-ish hairstyles and spray some color on their hair using some of those hair clor sprays you can find in HBC (its made for kids so it washes out when they take a shower) then just give them funky tops and ballet flats and their good to go.Ü

  7. says

    We’re forgetting Benetton! Usong-uso ang tangerine at pistachio green mga damit courtesy of this fashion house. I remember going to their Makati store and plunking down my whole month’s allowance para sa whole outfit na nakasuot sa display mannequin. 100 F degree weather, naglalakad ako sa Maynila naka-tangerine na cardigan, black turtleneck at black pants. OMG!

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