What Sam wants (a.k.a. A daughter's love note for mommy)

Sam posted this on my desk last night.

She’ll get the intermediate pad paper. Today. :mrgreen:


  1. Rey says

    Connie, picture muna ang bigay mo para may suspense bago ibigay mo yong tunay, wait at least a week or two, kaya lang baka bigyan ka nang silent treatment.

  2. says

    rhodora, i know! LOL she’s made up her mind she’s going to be a national geographic photographer. :)

    Rey, hahahaha parang offer ko sa dad nya when he says he needs a new bike. i say, picture na lang. hahaha

  3. says

    hahaha, nice try Sam. sige, go on convincing Mom, baka bumigay esp. the DSLR. tell her to get herself the newest Canon model na lang and hand out to you her current. :) or better, pabili ka na nga lang ng bago. I saw the Canon 400D sa PDI last week, its price was down by 39K from 48,500, hehe (maybe because Canon just released its latest model–the Canon 40D).

    re: Sam’s dream to be a National Geographic photog, ay naku, tamang tama sa yo yung camera bag na khaki na nakita ko once sa Island Photo, branded sya, Natl Geographic ang tatak! dali, pabili ka na kay Mommy. :)

  4. says

    hehe my goodness… I think my 3-year old will grow up with a long list like that. Everytime he sees something he likes, he’d go “buy that ha mum?”
    Dunno whether I should be afraid or laugh or cry.


  5. says

    Buti nga si Sam close sa reality ang dream niya. Very possible, actually. Eh, ang daughter ko – she once fancied being an FBI Crime Scene Investigator! :D

  6. says

    Ben naman, that’s what i’ll get for me and she can have the 350D hehehehe And when she’s learned everything about DSLRs, maybe I’ll buy her something even better than the 40D.

    feng, buyo ka ha! hahahahaha

    auee, be afraid LOL BE VERY AFRAID hahahaha

    rhodora, uy CSI, once upon a time I wanted to be a private detective hahahahaha

  7. says

    And she didn’t forget about “owning the world”! Ibang klase! Reminded me of the answers of one of my twins (when he was about 3 yrs old) when asked what he wanted to be when he grows up….

    His answer? He wanted to be a king! :)

  8. Lorena C. Marzan says

    bigay mo na yong #1 or #2, although my daughter was only there for a couple of weeks, I let her adopt an “2 week old askal”, ayaw padidien ng nanay. the happiness on my daughter’s face was so evident from bonding for 2 weeks, bringing the pup everywhere we go, hindi lang kami pinapaso sa SM Quiapo when they saw that there was a harmless pup inside our tote bag.

  9. says

    Nung isang araw sabi namin kay CJ we’re going to the park playground, since she loves going down the slide.

    Sagot ni CJ: “No park mall-oshaisha lang” Yes, “mall-oshaisha” is Mall of Asia.

    I don’t want to know what she’s gonna ask me to buy her when she learns how to write.

  10. says

    Buti nalang wala pa kaming anak. Hehehe

    Actually, “whole world” pwede… May nabibili rin sa National Bookstore nun… Inflatable globe! Mura lang, pwede pang gamiting beach ball! :D

    O diba. At least makaka two out of five ka pa! ;)

  11. says

    Dugtung-dugtong ba sila? Mukhang wala namang relasyon ano? At least, pwedeng i-decline yung iba. Mga anak ko pag humiling kabit-kabit eh. Yun bang tipong, “bili mo ko ng pick…. at ng kwerdas na D”Addario… at ng electric gutar…at ng amps… O di ba?

  12. says

    Ba’t kaya ang mga bata ngayon para ma motivate to study and do good things kelangan palagi may reward. :) My son is in Grade 2 and every time he brings home a 90-100 score on his quiz/test paper, it will cost me 20 pesos each. And it does not include the big reward comes Christmas day.

    Ako when I was his age, piso lang ang katapat. :)

  13. says

    Jane, hindi na nga ako bumibili ng bagong rubber shoes para maka-ipon hahahahaha

    O, Sam, iba na naman tono mo ha!

    Nikita, tukso ka ha hahahahaha

    Julie, malapit na Pasko. Pero iisipin ko pa ulit. Stressful eh hahahah

    Lorena, she has three cats and one dog already. There was a time we thought she would be a vet because of her affinity with all these pets. She used to have hamsters even. And birds.

    Patay ka, Jon hahahaha

    Jean, bakit, ginawa mo rin yan sa nanay mo? hehehe

    Okay yun, Gail ah! Pwede deflate pag not in use para less space to take up. hahahaha

    Tito Rolly, alam mo I think that it’s a form of BULLYING that kids inflict on parents.

    leo, we used to do that — the reward thing. now, no more. we do the reverse. bad grades = no privileges.

  14. Lorena C. Marzan says

    to all: be thankful to all the kids who always whispers to your ears “bil mo ko non, bil mo ko nyan”, kasi pag over 20 yrs old na hindi na cute pakinggan. be thankful for all the laundry that you have to pick up, all the dishes that you have to wash, the pets that you have to bury or flush down the toilet when they die, it teaches them another lesson in life.

  15. Lorena C. Marzan says

    based on my experience, let them choose the bigger things, like noong usong uso ang tetris, we were still in the Phils, everybody has one except my daughter, I keep telling her there will be something better after 2 months and just ask what do they prefer, playing at the park with other kids or playing alone, or telling them that if they have this “in” toy now, they will loose time to do their coloring books/doll house. finally at the age of 10, I lined up at FAO Schwartz to buy the japanese electronic egg toy Tamagotchi, enjoy your weekend.

  16. says

    Re #12. AnitoKid, I fished out your comment from the SPAM filter. Ngek.

    Re #29. Lorena, speaking of Tamagotchi, there’s a new craze these days. A dinosaur in an egg. The egg is soaked in water and after a few days it cracks. The dinosaur that comes out gets bigger if left in the water.

  17. Rome says

    You should have responded, “iha, nakalimutan mo ang dahtung, pambili ng ka-rekwesan moh”! Kakatuwa lang ang kuleet.

  18. Lorena C. Marzan says

    Connie, nalampasan ko na ang mga tamagotchi, that was 11 years ago when I bought that, ngayon, bigger things na like kayak and kayak gear ang binibili ko for her birthday or sometimes just the plain boring B of A check so she can buy what she wants. Aliw ako sa mga kids that plays with those gooeey looking toys that can be strecthed up to 6ft and comes down and returns to its original form like a lizard or a frog. naalala ko laruan ko noong araw ay gumamela na ginagayat namin ng aking playmate

  19. says

    Lorena, gumamela leaves to make soap bubbles?? LOL We did that too!

    JMom, when she’s in a good mood, she’s funny. Otherwise, nakuuuuu grrrrr

    Chateau, ah yes, you said it! Walang katulad. hahahaha

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