What’s your anti-mosquito strategy?

We’ve tried them all. From lotions to potions to mosquito coils to electric repellents. They all worked initially, then, for some reason, the mosquitoes seemed to get immune. And we’re back to square one.

And with this crazy weather, mosquitoes breed at such an amazing speed. If it rains for two days and the sun shines brightly on the third day, well, the mosquitoes come in full force, and with such unforgiving wrath, before long.

Not that we don’t pay attention to stagnant waters where the darn mosquitoes can lay eggs and wigglers can thrive. We actually don’t have stagnant waters except, perhaps, in the toilet bowl in the now unused bathroom attached to the house helper’s quarters, and that area of the house is closed right now. That’s because the helper left about three weeks ago.

So, we’re kinda going crazy trying to get rid of mosquitoes. Speedy discovered anti-mosquito patches that can be attached to clothing.

casaveneracion.com Simba anti-mosquito patches

They come in boxes like this.

casaveneracion.com Simba anti-mosquito patches

I’ve stuck one near the hem of my shorts and I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito all day.

But, you’re probably thinking… why not window screens? Aren’t they standard fixtures in the tropics?

Lots of people have advised me to have window screens installed but I have resisted for the longest time. It’s a ventilation issue. Put up screens and the circulation of air is affected. In a country where it’s hot and humid nine months every year, that’s a serious thing. And if you think that the phrase “trapped heat” only applies to the Earth’s atmosphere, think again. Understanding the phenomenon of trapped heat will explain why, at night after the temperature has gone down, it is still hotter inside the house than it is outside. We don’t have window screens and we still use ceiling exhaust fans to get rid of the trapped heat.

So, enough about screens. I will continue testing this Simba anti-mosquito patches for the next couple of days. If it works, great! I hope someone can invent something similar for ants. I hate ants just as much as I hate mosquitoes.