What’s your anti-mosquito strategy?

We’ve tried them all. From lotions to potions to mosquito coils to electric repellents. They all worked initially, then, for some reason, the mosquitoes seemed to get immune. And we’re back to square one.

And with this crazy weather, mosquitoes breed at such an amazing speed. If it rains for two days and the sun shines brightly on the third day, well, the mosquitoes come in full force, and with such unforgiving wrath, before long.

Not that we don’t pay attention to stagnant waters where the darn mosquitoes can lay eggs and wigglers can thrive. We actually don’t have stagnant waters except, perhaps, in the toilet bowl in the now unused bathroom attached to the house helper’s quarters, and that area of the house is closed right now. That’s because the helper left about three weeks ago.

So, we’re kinda going crazy trying to get rid of mosquitoes. Speedy discovered anti-mosquito patches that can be attached to clothing.

casaveneracion.com Simba anti-mosquito patches

They come in boxes like this.

casaveneracion.com Simba anti-mosquito patches

I’ve stuck one near the hem of my shorts and I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito all day.

But, you’re probably thinking… why not window screens? Aren’t they standard fixtures in the tropics?

Lots of people have advised me to have window screens installed but I have resisted for the longest time. It’s a ventilation issue. Put up screens and the circulation of air is affected. In a country where it’s hot and humid nine months every year, that’s a serious thing. And if you think that the phrase “trapped heat” only applies to the Earth’s atmosphere, think again. Understanding the phenomenon of trapped heat will explain why, at night after the temperature has gone down, it is still hotter inside the house than it is outside. We don’t have window screens and we still use ceiling exhaust fans to get rid of the trapped heat.

So, enough about screens. I will continue testing this Simba anti-mosquito patches for the next couple of days. If it works, great! I hope someone can invent something similar for ants. I hate ants just as much as I hate mosquitoes.


    • says

      Takeshi, any English subtitles for that product?

      Jhay, we had screens when we were living in the city. The mosquitoes were still around. Plus, when the screens got dusty, we had huge natural lighting problems in addition to ventilation. Kaloka.

      Josie, can you point me to pic of a rechargeable mosquito swatter? Is that the one with violet light?

      • takeshi says

        The product name in English would be “Anti-bug (including mosquitoes and others) barrier,” should be used to be hanged at a window, will rotate by wind and spread effective stuff for those bugs and others. It is for people who need and want to keep window(s) open at house. It last for 180 days (max) and ok to get wet by rain.

        By the way, those “patches” should be used carefully for very small kids and pregnant ladies, although it’s one of popular items used by many moms here in Japan.

        • says

          our house has a high ceiling and have big screened windows on almost every wall. although not as airy as the old bahay na bato types. smoking keeps mosquitoes away whenever i step out to watch the moon ehehhe.. i miss dropping by your blog ^^

        • Saro Genova says

          I used those little patches last time I was home. They actually are for kids as they contain citronella which is a natural ingredient and not as dangerous as Baygon (ugh!!!) or Off for children.

          Also there is a battery operated misquito zapper that looks exactly like a tennis raquet that I have great fun with when I’m staying at my Ninang’s place in Subic which is the main place I get bitten. I also like to hear the Zap sound when you hit a skeeto.

      • josie says

        mam connie,

        para lang po syang tennis racket with electric strings. as mr jhay said swing swing lang magpa pop sya. minsan tawag nila dito fly swapper or mosquito swatter marami po sya sa divi pero meron din po sa handyman. enjoy po sya gamitin lalo na sa outdoor dun sa lugar ng mga plants na siguradong maraming lamok, pop lang sya ng pop,para lang po kayong naglalaro nababawasan pa yung lamok sa paligid.

  1. says

    The trick with window screens is to have a ventilation system that will keep the air circulating inside the house.

    We had the same problem when we had all the bedroom windows installed with screens. The solution that worked for us was the strategic placement of air vents for passive air circulation and exhaust fans to draw all the hot air out.

    We also use an electric mosquito swatter, a few swings and they’re all gone. I actually enjoy hearing the mosquitoes pop when they get caught. XD

    • josie says

      mam connie,

      why not try rechargeable mosquito swatter. it’s effective for us instead of the katol and baygon.

  2. Cindy says

    Tea tree oil works. Just apply it as if you would perfume in all your pulse points. Mind you, we don’t get a lot of mosquitoes here, but when we’re camping, I always make sure to bring my tee tree oil, it’s organic and it has multiple uses.

    • Ed M. says

      Connie, why not install solar screens? They are cheap and will keep mosquitoes out and will make your electric bill lower, too, since it will keep your house cooler.

  3. says

    Miss Connie, I’ve been seeing that product in the grocery but never tried it. Baka subukan ko bumili next time I go to the grocery.

    As for air circulation inside the house, there’s always Vornado, which we use at home.

  4. chall says

    heard of them patches months back, did not believe they would work, but will defiinitely give them a try now that it’s been connie-tested. scary magka dengue!

  5. says

    hi connie, we have that tennis racket thing and it was fun for my small girls and for my husband. but you are right, makikipaghabulan ka sa lamok talaga though you would really hear the mosquitoes being zapped. the thing that really helped us with lamok were the electric fans, we installed them everywhere kahit na sa loob ng bathrooms (of course naka off sya kapag maliligo at baka kami ang ma-zap!).

    • says

      Raq, naka-industrial fan kami, may lamok pa rin! That’s really one thing I hate about living in the suburb. The mosquitoes are bigger and bolder. Ang tapang nila!

    • Beth says

      Hi Ms. Connie!
      Citronella is good—drives the mosquitoes away and an air freshener too. Cheaper to buy the concentrated oil( I use Aromacology Citromint)– a few drops in water goes a long way! You can spray it or heat in potpourri pots. Also that yellow anti mosquito bulb they sell at Ace or True value—it works! Burning lanzones peels also works.
      But I’m really surprise that you dont have screens in your windows especially in this Dengue Age! Did you know that the amount of carbon dioxide that you emit attracts mosquitoes to bite? That is why some persons are more prone to mosquito bites like me!
      Some also say that wearing white/light colored clothes is best since mosquitoes are attracted to dark.moist and smelly clothes—-not only bad odor but also fruity perfumes! :)

        • susieq says

          Hi Connie, kami pag pumuputa sa Cottage, ang ginagamit namin which we found effective from amongst all the tried solution mentioned already was …..to pinfabric softener sa damit, lalo na sa lylayan ng daster or pants. Effective, hindi kumakagat ang lamok
          This is just my 2 cents……

      • nina says

        we used BugsLock insect repellant band during our trip to the phils a few weeks ago. We found it effective. But great tip on the tea tree oil.

        We have problems with ants here, too. Nothing seems to work on them except for the chalk insect killer, which we can’t use with the baby in the house. Besides, the chalk is really hazardous as the chalk dust can easily spread out to other things.

        • says

          Ants… in their search for warm places to pester, they got inside my camera once. Right where the battery goes. Nagkagastos pa ako to have the camera cleaned.

          • FayeP says

            Hi!!! Ms. Connie,

            problema din po dito samin ang lamok, tinry na din lahat ng lotion, oil, coil, baygon spray..pati po un lantern na parang may UV light, ganun pa din. ayaw din ng nanay ko maglagay screen kasi mahirap linisin pag dumumi tapos mainit ang hangin…
            kaya isip din ng mgandang pamatay lamok…lalo po this week, halos isang week umulan, dumami sila lalo…

            once din po un ants naman na maliliit, pumasok sa loob ng cp ko, na 2 days lang di nagamit, ayun, patapon na….

  6. Mayette says

    Hi Ms Connie!

    I have been using Mosquito patches since 2009. We use to buy them in Singapore. Di pa siya ganun kakilala dati dito sa Philippines. We buy the Tiger Balm brand and it is very effective. Ngayon madami na dito sa Philippines. What we usually buy is yung sa National Bookstore. Design niya is animals. Mas cheaper siya compared to Simba. It’s 149pesos for 1 box (24pieces). Effective naman sa mga anak ko and recommended din ng Pedia nila :)

  7. Lolalet says

    Rosemary is a great mosquito repellant. I’ve purchased several pots when I was in Manila and they are thriving as long as I give them a lot of direct sun and that it doesn’t get rained/drown on. I put it in pots and they are on my balcony. Mosquitos also goes with the air current and you need to place your fans strategically so the currents don’t let them in.

    I also have a long range plan to repel mosquitos and it’ll be awhile until it is in full effect. I’ve planted several Neem trees in the land and I know they will work. I’ve also put clippings in areas where ants are and they do not come near the Neem clippings. Neems are beautiful and have a wonderful clean frangrance. I can’t wait for mine to be full grown. I do have citronellas planted near windows and doors.

    Also, I use virgin coconut oil for my face, hair and body and put drops of organic lavender oil to rid of the coconut smell (which make me hungry), and pests tend to stay away. I just never knew how effective it was until my sister visited me last month and the flies were hovering around her, annoying her, and they didn’t come near me at all!!! (The benefits of VCO is another story that I don’t have time for!) There’s a natural balance in this world, and we just need to figure it out!! Let