When cats show affection for one another just like humans do

casaveneracion.com cats public display of affection

We’re very well aware when our cats fight because the noise and ruckus they create just can’t be ignored. They make those terrible guttural sounds, they leap at one another, bumping objects that get in their way. But when they turn lovey-dovey toward one another, we often miss it, mostly because these things happen in silence.

Sam caught one of those moments in photos. These were taken back in 2007 in our old house. I was going through my hard drive when I saw the photos and realized that four of them, taken in sequence, tells a wonderful story about how cats can show affection to one another. A real public display of affection.

Above, Pepper reaching Mai-mai’s paw.

casaveneracion.com affectionate cats

Pepper stretches out…

casaveneracion.com cats holding hands

…until their paws touch.

casaveneracion.com pet cats

Then, she rubs Mai-mai’s head with her paw.

Humans make that head-rubbing gesture too, right? Especially an adult toward a child. An adult ruffles a child’s hair to show affection and approval. Strange to see cats doing the same thing.

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